Love Poured Out to Change the World

By Ron McGatlin 

America cannot return to what it was. The old America as it was will not return. America and the western world is in the process of being made new. It must be made completely new, which means the old cannot continue to exist as it has been in the past.

To quote JD King commenting on Revelation 21:5, “God said He is making all things new. Not making all new things.” When God speaks of nations imploding, He is not speaking of all the people but rather the national structure of life and governance of the land and all that lifts itself against God.

Beyond the end of the old America and the old western world is resurrection to a whole new life. Resurrection life can only come after there has been an end of the old.

If America and the western world were to be restored to the same as they were in the past, we would surely do the same things again. We would return again to the same degenerative state of disorder as the nations are in now. There will be real change in the new resurrected life of the nations.

Darkness in the Land
The voice of darkness is loud in the land causing a major departure from truth and a falling away into a fantasy world of drunken frivolity, taking pleasure in strife and decadence leading to utter weakness. Western nations are being consumed because of their own lust and departure from truth.

The spirit of anti-Christ
Devious men led by demonic cunning have plotted the course of stealing the heart and strength of the children of the generations by feeding them on darkness and subsequently forming an inversion of truth in their minds and hearts. The powers of darkness working through devious men have formed our young people in the foolishness of the darkness of evil while making it appear to them as light. Darkened minds see darkness as light and light as darkness.

America could not be conquered by force from without.
In its day, America and the western world could not be conquered or stopped as it graciously and powerfully carried out its purpose in the first step of the progressive development of the kingdom of God on earth.

The First Step
In past centuries the British Empire, the United States of America, and all of the other great nations of the western world spread the name of Jesus and the gospel of salvation across the world.

That was the first great step of the beginnings of the preparation for the gospel of the kingdom coming forth. That missional work of God required a different type of structure to facilitate that foundational work of the early stages of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

The Second Great Step
The next great step after taking the salvation message to the world came in on the wind of the Spirit of God bringing the powerful reality of Holy Spirit love and power to do the miraculous works of Christ Jesus. The baptism in the Holy Spirit brought healing, cleansing, and empowering to a new generation of Spirit-filled sons and daughters of God.

The Third Major Step into the Kingdom
Closely behind the outpouring of the Holy Spirit came the awesome gospel of the kingdom of God. For the first time in two millennia, the gospel of the kingdom began again to be poured out on a broad scale.

It began to be poured out upon the freshly returned reality of humble apostolic and prophetically gifted men and women, teachers, and leaders. The seeds of the gospel of the kingdom sprouted and began to grow in the wilderness apart from the past systems that had become stale with manmade religious interpretations.

The great revelation of the kingdom of God, now coming forth through Christ literally abiding in His people on earth by the Holy Spirit, is the change agent of the nations of the world to the kingdom of God.

The tangible presence of God manifesting in His pure-hearted holy people is the most powerful force on earth. The works and spirits of darkness are utterly defeated and cannot coexist with the LOVE and POWER of the living God in His people bringing forth His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


They know their time of tormenting the people of earth is over when the people of God realize who we really are and the awesome potential of the kingdom of God within us.

The terrified spirits of darkness are in full panic mode and are desperately fighting with all they have, trying to stop the arising kingdom of light that is destroying their rule of darkness on earth. With vicious cunning the darkness has consumed at least half of the people and most all of the systems of education, media, and government. The darkness has also infiltrated the systems of religion in America and the western world. These structures of mixture are now imploding.


There is becoming a clearer distinction between the light and the darkness. A major division is occurring between the people of the kingdom of light and the people of the principality of darkness.

If the people of America and the western nations had rejected the darkness and brought forth the increasing light of the kingdom of God, their nations would not be “coming apart at the seams” now.

Very simply, these nations as they are now must be changed for a new creation of pure-hearted, kingdom-minded people to arise and become the new way of life and rule in the world. A biblical collective term for these new people is New Jerusalem, the ruling pattern city of the kingdom of God on earth. (Rev 21:2-5).

The new structure of life will be built upon the cleared foundational Rock of the old structure.

Beneath the imploding current structure is the solid ground of TRUTH in CHRIST JESUS who is the Way the Truth and the Life. (John 14:6). The foundation of the kingdom of God on earth is the solid rock, Christ Jesus, Yeshua. Upon this Rock the new America and the whole new world will be built. (Mat 16:18). The whole world will become as one in God through Christ Jesus. The rule of God will arise to bring forth truth, love, wisdom, and power to establish the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Experiencing the Kingdom of God
We are a part of this journey into New Jerusalem life, which is also known as the prepared Bride of Christ. (Rev 21:2). For me the most precious and wonderful part of this journey is the fact that because the kingdom of God is within us, we can fully experience the kingdom life now. (Luke 17-21).

The fullness of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit is our beautiful inner life now. (Rom 14:17).  Even in the midst of turmoil and tribulation upon us and in the world around us, we literally have the fullness of the kingdom of heaven life within us.

We are not tied to the circumstances and situations of this world. We are the instigators of heaven’s life now in us that flows out to the world.


You and I are here for this chosen season on earth for the reality of the kingdom of God to come forth on earth. We are the recipients of the awesome love of God filling our hearts and lives with the power and wisdom of Christ Jesus abiding in us as we abide in Him by the Holy Spirit.

Let’s not waste the awesome potential of this life now.
The Spirit is encouraging us to not waste a moment of the precious time in this great place God has brought us to in this life. Historical generations of noble men and women of God longed for this time in the journey to New Jerusalem that has come upon us. They could only see it in the far off distance. Yet they rejoiced in its promised coming.

For us the time is now.
In what seems like a moment, everything has changed or is changing. As the past continues to pass away from us and cataclysmic apocalyptic events begin to change the world, we must keep our eyes on the glorious kingdom coming forth within us and then through us into our world.

We are to be kingdom seeds planted in the land that is being emptied of the old darkness by the powerful fire of God purging and cleansing away all that lifts itself against God.

Thank you, Father, for the kingdom you have poured into us by your love. Thank you for the new and glorious world that you have planted in our hearts to be brought forth in the earth, the fullness of Your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Amen!

Love never fails, And
His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin