The Church, Abortion and Future Generations!

Today I felt to write on the delicate subject of Abortion!

Youtube will show us the many clips about how awful the practice of this huge multimillion activity daily is. The saddest thing of course is the fact that they easily, without bad conscious can defend it for the sake of Free-Choice, and wellness for the mother.

Well, I am not going to get there since I know God will judge the nation and in fact is judging them heavily! No, this post is not about them but about us. Us that march the streets and (rightfully) point the finger. Us that pray and teach our children (hopefully) the beauty of live and receiving whatever we sow!

This is about us aborting LIFE. Premature “ending” potential spiritual LIFE!

To me the Church is guilty of killing destinies, potentials, beautiful beginnings by the power of words and flesh and ego and doctrine! I myself learned that I survived many attacks on the many ‘new births’ over the years and thank God, I have understand that it needs wisdom to recognize LIFE! Being aware of the small beginnings, learning to understand that “it has life potential” is a thing you learn close to the heart of the Giver of Life. I have done many “mouth to mouth” savings of dying potential and wounded destinies and I have learned to “march” and “demonstrated” with the banners high up, in order to make people aware of the “killing in the back-yard” of our “christian life”.
Today, in the natural, a new generation is arising. A generation of survivors with the understanding of the fact that millions of their fellow youngsters have been murdered by the simple statement of “right of the woman”! In the same way, I thank God that there is a spiritual new generation arising, a generation of survivors of abortion, that are longing for the “breathing of life”, the confirmation of their destiny and the laying down of life of “fathers and mothers” that serve this upcoming generation.

We need to humble ourself and dedicate our life to this future generation and humbly pray that we will recognize the “small beginnings”, see the potential with His eyes as I have been writing often that I learned to pray: FATHER, I KNOW WHAT I SEE, BUT WHAT DO YOU SEE!

There is a strong life surviving need of seeing beyond, having the eyes of a farmer to see the potential of his land and to cleanse it from the stones, the bushes and the wrong stuff that will keep it from full harvest.

The church needs to cross a river and leave the Moses Church Age mindset and enter under the leadership of the Joshuas into a Kingdom Identity. We must leave the blinded spiritual environment of systems we created that kill spiritual potential and me must dedicate ourself to a NEW LIFE breathing culture and Kingdom mindset!

A nation (Sweden) where its courts rules badly over the cry of midwives who want to DELIVER and not kill is in desperate need of SPEAKING UP. The ruling reveals a bigger problem of not seeing life and nurturing it to maturity. A nation drowned in a individual egoistic mindset needs redemption and deliverance.

I have said it many times and will repeat my absolute conviction that I LOVE the church but hate the systems we created. Today I believe that there is a huge call to redeem de Body of Christ and free it from its shackles so it will fully develop to its full potential and become again the Light in a darkened world with a FREEING MESSAGE OF LIFE!