The “Kingdom” Spin Masters

  • We speak of Jesus and not His kingdom to gather people and sell our books.
  • We make room for the rapture theory because so many still believe it.
  • We make room for the pastor/priest/bishop rule as clergy over a congregation of laity.
  • We proclaim the Melchizedek priesthood to re-establish an order of priestly hierarchal rule over the priesthood of the believer.
  • We teach the principle or law of the mandatory tithe is valid in the kingdom.
  • We avoid the apostolic ministry to preserve our present structure of church rule.
  • We see ourselves or anyone other than Christ as head of a church group. There is a distinction between Headship and leadership.
  • We avoid clear teaching on the ministry and gifts of the Holy Spirit and the need to be fully saturated (baptized) in the Spirit, because it offends many who have been falsely taught in the past church systems.
  • We are trapped in ministry mammon and refuse to obey the Lord in addressing open sin and spiritual lack among those we minister to because we may lose favor and reward from them.
  • We feel that we want to really preach and demonstrate the kingdom, but it would cost us too much.
  • We believe the kingdom should remain confined in the church and not also affect the culture areas such as government, education, business, media, and all facets of life.
  • We are not willing to become living sacrifices for the furtherance of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Many reading this may be offended by at least some of these. It is our religious beliefs that are assaulted by the kingdom reality. Let these not become areas for you to defend and debate but rather points to really consider and seek the guidance of Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit to bring clarity of understanding and fresh wisdom and direction in moving ahead in the journey of kingdom transformation.

Obviously this is an incomplete list and a book or at least a chapter could be written on each of these things. These are not meant to be a teaching here but a check list to point up transformation needs. Therefore, scriptures are not included with each.

For kingdom teaching dealing with these things and more I heartily recommend the “Kingdom Growth Guides” and other books and resources available for Free Download on the website.

Keep on pursuing love. It never fails
and His kingdom never ends.

Ron McGatlin

(Ron’s Note: If you have some concern about some of the items in the list above, Please watch this video by Joseph Mattera for a clearer view of the developing kingdom of God in this season.

God’s Big Story VIDEO 

By Joseph Mattera 

This is one of the most precise and accurately scriptural overview presentations of the real kingdom of God that I have every viewed. If you desire some clarification of the biblical reality of the kingdom of God in your life and the world in this present day, please watch this recent video by Joseph Materra. – Ron McGatlin)