2018: Defining Momentum for Sweden

When we live from the 24/7 demand of our function as Intercessors and Watchmen, we don’t just win little battles. We win the War!

Defining Momentum 2018

Just for the record dear Intercessors from/for Sweden:

The Coming election may NOT be about getting a Christian Party into Government…

It’s about the decision to FREE Sweden from the long term violent fact that a destructive (socialistic) agenda has ruled the nation. It’s about the choice of getting back the authority to the only rightful entity of creation which is the Family Unit. It’s also about redeeming the generations from the evil way the Government took over the “education” of your kids and it is about waking up in what this nation has become after 70 years of “transformation”.

The laws of this nation are wrong and cruel. The way Midwifes are treated when they want to deliver instead of kill is below every human values. The way children are easily being taken from their parents and placed in “foster” homes, the way they opened the borders with deep irresponsibly creating chaos and danger!

While we lullaby in the ignorance of traditions, the culture, the “all is well” lie, even now laws are produced to limit more the freedom of speech, of family and of church.

So, when you pray, pray with open eyes, with the willingness of seeing change and with the understanding that all the turmoil that is sweeping the nation is not just about visual evil, but that it is the revealing reality of the hidden agendas!

Pray with the awareness of being at war and therefor, enter that Prayer Room as being a War Room.

Know that “When 2 or 3 are in agreement”, is the way God is coming in to answer because of the agreement! The bringing up of those questionable issues as gender and more, is just causing discussions and with it deep division! Understand therefor that dividing the nation is a way of keeping the agreement from our prayers! 


Spiritual Understanding

And we know “For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.” Ephesians 6:12

So Pray for a boldness and responsibility to those who are “called” to enter the Government. Pray that the nights of decision-makers will be restless and revealing and that conscience will speak LOUD.

In the meantime let worship and spiritual truth invade the atmosphere of every sphere of society. Enter your town-hall, join meetings of people of influence, speak out with relevanceE, get involved in education and… JOIN AS GENERATIONS, young and old to move forward with an opposite generational spirit!

There are things to be revealed, so take the watch in the coming months and be on the alert!