While We Pray

So it started this week! 40 Days of Continued Prayer, connected through the beauty of Internet!

I remember reading this book (gave the book away and forgot the title), where the author took some profound examples of worldly initiatives designed to rule and conquer but which turned out to be the turning point for a nation, a continent or even for mankind. The reason for his writing was mainly his concern about the fact that (in those days) we so easily condemned the invention of internet and call(ed) it sometimes even a distraction from the devil as it of course is used for that very reason and even to control the mindset of generations. Pornography is just one example of where it can lead men and women into darkness.
But, as we all declare that God can work all thing for the good, so it was the author’s focus in pointing out the examples that I gladly want to share.

As the Romans decided to build a sophisticated infrastructure of roads all over the continents during the time Jesus lived and died, just to quickly conquer and rule the nations, this very evil motivated plan turned out to be the blessing for the first apostles, traveling these “wicked roads” and turning them for the good. Because of it they were able to travel and spread the Gospel of the Kingdom and within 200 years, a total revolution unfolded itself!

In the years the Chinese dictator Mao Tje Tung was ruling China, he wrote his favourite Little Red Book with all his demanding Communistic ideas! The problem was that most of the Chinese people were not able to read and the language way to complicated. He simplified the language and made it happen that all the Chinese people could read. And yes, it was this cruel motivated plan that made it possible to spread the Bible through the nation and the millions started to read and revival happened!

My point so…

It’s busy on the roads these days as the Government is so kind to “provide” Sweden with a new and very fast infrastructure for Internet all over the country. I am rather suspicious by nature and wonder why they are so kind to us! But than again, may it be the proof that it will be used for the purpose of the Kingdom of heaven and that it will turn into something VERY GOOD!

While we Pray and connect, we do it through the beauty of Internet. Connecting the Living Rooms, the places where families get together around the Family Altar. We make known to each other that, while I stop, you start. My daughter said it so beautiful as she approached the Prayer Room, that she sensed the Holy Spirit moving into the room with her just “leaving the other Prayer Room”! Traveling from house to house…

While We Pray these days, just be aware of the uniting corporate effect where we even can say “How good and how blessed it is when brethren DWELL together!”. It is there where the lord command His blessing, an anointing that flows down from the mantle of (your) authority! Psalm 133

I pray that this 24/7 Prayer Altar becomes a Dwelling Place for all of us, understanding that we are CONNECTED deeply and that we DWELL in this wonderful initiative! I pray that it will start a REVOLUTION that will exceed the 40 days and that it wil be the start of FILLING THE AIRWAVES by a Fire that WILL NOT GO OUT as THE HOUSES ARE CONNECTED.