Covenant, Fire, Sacrifice, Altar


It’s those words that keep you busy, focussed even and especially dedicated to the things that are happening in these days.

From my early conversion the word COVENANT was highlighted in my spirit. I remember that I made this drawing with the words NEW COVENANT and always it stirred me up, it made me happy and sad in the same time. I wasn’t aware at that time why and it confused me also, not understanding the movements and reaction of Spirit. The word anyhow had a huge impact on me.

I have to be honest that I was always attracted to fire in a certain way. We made fires from young age on and even to the extend that the police had to pay a vist to our house since we as boys crossed some lines every now and then 🙂
The phenomenon itself was intriguing, staring in the fire and trying to figure out was it was. The mystery of it, knowing that it was something we can start but never understand.

The strange contravers of a loving God that required us to kill and to burn in order to sacrifice puzzled me. Not in a way that it made me doubt, but I always wanted to understand the God of the contravers, the other-than-we think, the mystery of something we probably mis if we don’t trust and just do! It’s a constant fight with the logic and the obedience, the reasoning and the silence of a dedicated heart to an Almighty, far beyond our understanding God.

Now, here is something that gives a bit more sense to our dedication, since an altar is something that requires effort. An altar you need to build before the sacrifice can be made. The fire happens, although of course we need to make it happen, but still it is a reaction of mystery. The altar means, we have to look for stones, carrying them to the right place and putting them together so we can observe the result and recognise the altar. Of course, it needs more! It needs the fire, it needs the sacrifice which makes it more than a pile of stones!

It i’s the combination of the words that makes it into a holy and beautiful truth.

God and us in Covenant
A covenant that requires fire, burning, sacrifice on a visible place called The Altar!

The picture above moved me deeply. It had a great impact on me, observing the reality of a nation that lived from the covenant made by their forefathers, rescued from the oppression of Egypt, taken into the desert in order to restore their stolen identity.
Introduced to the cloud and the pilar of fir, they were brought to the reality of PRESENCE, the God that wants to Tabernacle among His people.

The picture brought back these memories of old and all the experiences I had came into place, a place of AWE and PRESENCE.
What a great view seeing all those “houses” gathered in a God ordained structure around His Presence as the center of the nation!


Leviticus 6:12 The fire on the altar must be kept burning; it must not go out. Every morning the priest is to add firewood and arrange the burnt offering on the fire and burn the fat of the fellowship offerings on it.