Det som gömmer sig i snö kommer fram i tö!

Often the nation of Sweden has been prophesied over as “The Frozen Chosen”!


As we had this wonderful walk this morning with the family, the saying came up: “Det som gömmer sig i snö kommer fram i tö!”, meaning that what is hidden by the snow, will be revealed through the thaw! It landed right away in my spirit and it caused me to write.

The nation or at least our part of it is totally covered still by a beautiful white blanket of snow. I often thought about what I probably forgot to clean up before the season of snow entered but realised that one day it will show up again.

We are in the middle of a 40 days prayer and fasting over the nation through a huge network of intercessors covering the nation 24/7 with prayer, declaring over each part of its society God’s ruling and reigning. It often feel like releasing a sound, a frequency in order to awake the destined giant, the beautiful identity of the Frozen Chosen! Many times, speaking with those involved I sense a passionate longing directly from the Heart of the Father to embrace and revive that what long was asleep, almost in a deep coma! Singing out over the nation the Love Song of God, the sound that is like the Call of the Bridegroom for His beautiful Bride to arise and shine (Isaiah 60).

I know, while having my prayer time, the awe for what is still hidden arises in my spirit and helps me to speak out what I often can’t see, but what the Father shows me over the nation. Many times it has been with the voice of the longing, but ever since the beginning of this year I sense a different “tone” in my spirit, the understanding of something is near, closer than we think, almost touchable!

Yes, I have been addressing the culture, the Swedish way, the things that bothered me many times and hopefully you understood that it was not the true identity, the divine calling that I challenged but the substitute that was replaced by the human effort. The going for less that hindered me the many times when I looked with His eyes, trying to understand what the Father saw and cried over missing it! The call of God to “send out” the ones that were willing to look beyond and were also willingly to receive the Jeremiah 1:10 assignment with the sad consequence of being misunderstood.
I’ve been there the many times I moved in that assignment: “to uproot and tear down, to destroy and demolish” but always doing it with an understanding that there will come a time “to build and plant.”

Spring is starting today and it is accompanied by the prayer of the many, by a force of 24/7 intercession that will cause a warmth, a force of united embracing the nation and releasing the promise of “Once Again”! And I know, not HOPE but KNOW that while the snow is vanishing, the beauty of the Promise over this nation is coming forth, a proud showing off of the father to reveal what He has kept for the days of NOW!

Let me close with the prophetic words that we received the moment (2009) we entered our present habitation here on our beautiful mountain. Ever since we as a family have been reading and declaring this beautiful identity and calling over the nation, speaking out the promise and reminding ourself and God what is ahead of us!

Sweden is one of the keys for Europe coming to the Lord. You could say… as goes Sweden, so goes Finland and Norway and other nations in Europe. Many prayers have been sown into the land and these will not return void. There is a darkness over Sweden that will clear. Part of Sweden’s original destiny from the Lord is to showcase purity and simplicity and there is a time coming when there will be a backlash against humanism and revival will come to the church. Sweden will be more than a conqueror through Christ and this land will show forth the manifest presence of the Lord. Sweden will be a nation that is a harbinger of spring (as a robin sings of the new life of spring). Sweden will “sing” in strength of the new thing of God and will trumpet inward and outward of His grace and mercy. She will be a living harbinger of the goodness of God. His river is increasing there and will be full to overflowing. Many churches were seen coming to life and even new ones will spring up. Some of these were seen coming out of darkness and becoming bright with the truth of Jesus. Their lampstands looked like they were dusty, but the light was beginning to shine and become brighter. God destined Sweden to be a nation that proclaims the Gospel of the Kingdom. They also are a nation destined to be a voice of one crying in the wilderness to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. Isaiah 55:1 is the Lord’s wooing to Sweden. 

“Come, everyone who is thirsty,
come to the waters;
and you without money,
come, buy, and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk
without money and without cost!

There is much despair in the peoples’ lives in Sweden and a loss of hope… much intellectualism that diverts them from spirituality. Even though this is deeply rooted, God has His plans for revival in this land. The Lord is jealous over this nation.

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