Sounding the Alarm

The relevance of our “Sound”
While this nation is debating and complaining the “prayer call” of the Mosques in the nation, the church is awful silence concerning their real call!
As Zen Buddhists release their sound with deep understanding how to take captive of the spiritual atmosphere, today Världen Idag released another proof of the fact that other religions understand “Sound” better that we, the Christians do! In his testimony, a former Muslim gave deep insight in the strategy of the “Call of Prayer” made from there “high places”: When the Muslim Prayer call sounded over the city, it means that “we have taken this city”, says Saeede Berisha who grew up in a Muslim family in the Balkans.

Somehow, this nation, known over many years for the significance of the songs, the sound, the choirs, has lost their “VOICE” and with it the nation became a free place for any other sound that could take captive of the spiritual environment!
When a nation stops to “sing” the sound of their identity and start repeating (echoing) the sound of others, the eventually will loose their identity and become a victim of the Global Sound.
Of all the thing that are needed in the next steps to make after the prayer is initiated in a 24/7 cyclus is to release the songs, to equip and send out the singers, to take captive of the  spiritual atmosphere of the nation. When the Song of the Lord is no longer sang into the airwaves, when we no longer declare that He is Lord over all things, the nation lacks the Song of Creation, that “speak and it is”!

Resonating the Sound of Heaven
It was by reading this amazing book of Ray Hughes called: “Sound of Heaven, Symphony on Earth” that made me aware of the deep responsibility of releasing the Sound of Heaven. As totally prepared “instruments” to react on the frequencies of Heaven means that we don’t just sing our songs, but we move with the Power of Creation and with it redeem the darkness, separate the waters, sing in to existence just as it was “In the Beginning”. I hope you understand why it is so relevant for the science to ignore and disproof the beauty of a Created World by a Creating God. When we start to argue their “proofs” we mis the significant of a God who created mankind just to “speak forth” again.

When Joshua came down from the mountain with Moses, he heard this sound of “War” coming from the camp of the Israelites and mentioned it to Moses. Then, Moses helped him to understand what it really was by giving him insight/revelation in order to not be fooled by listening closer.

Exodus 32:17-18 When Joshua heard the sound of the people as they shouted, he said to Moses, “There is a sound of war in the camp.”  But Moses replied: It’s not the sound of a victory cry and not the sound of a cry of defeat; I hear the sound of singing!

I heard the sound of (just) singing
There is a huge different between the sound of war or even victory and the sound of just singing! It all comes back from the understanding of where we sing from. In the song there is no strength, in the sound there is no victory, but it all come down to the deep understanding of releasing God’s frequencies, resounding His declarations, echoing His promises and with it taking back DOMINION over the spiritual atmosphere of the nation of Sweden.

David understood the significance of his songs as he sang them with the “One Man” audience. He did not practice but sang his songs to glorify God, Yahweh, in a deep relationship he experienced 24/7.
So, when he took the throne, he understood that it was “not by might nor by power “but by releasing the song of the Spirit that would make the nation of Israel a different place. David and the army commanders appointed the sons of Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun to serve as prophets with lyres, harps, and cymbals. 1 Chronicles 25:1
David AND the army commander, means that he connected the singers, the musicians and the warfare!

So, about this huge discussion if we would “allow” the Mosques to release the Sound of Captivity of the Cities, I hope you understand that we need to take a second look on who or what will eventually OWN the nation!

Sounding the Alarm
In conclusion, I also hope that we Christians start to understand that we are making a fool of ourself and with it hand over a nation to trouble if we do not react quickly and start releasing the singers, the worshippers and building our 24/7 places of SOUND FROM HEAVEN!

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