The Breath of Life

By Henry Falcone

This morning I felt like a “spiritual earthquake” go off in my spirit. I was asking the Lord today where He wanted to meet with me. I am presently getting prepared to go on a new prayer assignment with the Lord, and I was heading to one place to go, when I felt the Lord say go to this other place. 

As soon as I made the turn to go on that highway, I felt that spiritual earthquake like something big has happened today in the spirit. I know, I know, so many times we hear that so we almost become numb to it, but there has a positional change today from the Lord released to his maturing sons and daughters. 

As I started down this highway, I had to dictate a very personal and deep word God was speaking to my Spirit. Much of that word had to do with the next part of our prayer journey, but in that word was a word to release for all of us who have been being transformed in this new moment of unfolding Kingdom reality. 

The words I heard the Lord release today was given by his breathing. Yes, I didn’t hear him speak these words, I heard him breath them. That breath sent a spiritual earthquake in the spirit to come forth that is about to release a whole new dimension of His glory in us and through us to effect the entire earth. 

Last year, I heard the Lord roar literally out of Zion, but this time I heard him breath. It was such a depth of breath that words came out of that breath. They were not just spoken as I have heard before, this time they are to be breathed into us. 


That was a critical distinction on how I heard the Lord before. This was the Breath of Life Speaking a “creative word” into our beings. The words I heard the Lord breathe forth were the words: RADICAL TRANSFORMATION GLORY!

Today, April 18, the Lord has released his breath into all who will receive it His breath of Radical Transformational Glory. That breathing word from the Lord will bring about different changes in different people for different divine purposes. It is not a cookie cutter word. 

It is a specific breath word sent to do a specific work in each heart He his breathing it into. In that breath is a new radical transformational importation of his glory that is going to bring a earthquake change in our lives and through our lives. 

It is going to bring a completely new mind set, new divine strategies and plans to do things that seemed impossible for God have us do. It is going to bring the impossible to become the possible as God has said. 

It is a radical transformation because this breath is being given to remove the root of a spiritual disease and diseased thinking and mind sets. 

It is radical because this breath is releasing in us to see the Kingdom of God from a very new and different view from the normal or traditional. 

This breath is transformational because it is going to remove the past and present normal and traditional view of Glory away. It is going to deposit in us the real and experientially glory as we have never known before. It is going to bring extreme change to us like an earthquake so that in that glory God can transform the earth. 

This breath of God is something very different and new that favors extreme changes our existing view points and understanding of His glory that will change our habits, their spiritual and natural condition like nothing ever has before. 

This breath will be a radical work of God because He will use extreme measures of glory to restore the spiritual state of affairs in the house of God to his original intention beyond what we could ever think and imagine. 

This breath he is releasing is filled with power to transform the earth, people, situations, cities and regions with the glory of God manifested in and through those He breathes in. 

This breath is transformational in nature, because it is transforming our nature to a new level, to walk on a new plain of glory with the Lord. 

This breath of God being released with the words radical transformation is being released today. In the spirit realm it is like a violent earthquake that will change everything God has designed it to change. 

This breath of God is to bring a thorough or dramatic change in the appearance and form, a metamorphosis, a complete alteration, conversion from what we are to what we are becoming. It will bring a radical transformation in what we have been doing to what we must be doing in the Lord. 

It will change where we are presently walking to where we need to be walking right now. For in that breath God has released in it the power of acceleration to get us where we need to be now. If we have been behind, it will catch us up. It we have been on time, it will bring us into the where we need to be now! 

This breath from God comes with a spontaneous change He desires for those who will receive it. It brings a permeant change.

This breath of God brings an organizational change to our lives and bring us into divine perfect order with the Lord. It will position us to be translated like Philip. He was one moment in one place and then by the hand of God, God picked him up and put him in a new place. That is what this breath is designed to do to those He is giving it to. 

This breath is releasing a profound radical change that brings a new orientation and direction to our lives for His Kingdom purposes. 

The full purpose and intention of this breath and the words of Radical Transformation is for one purpose. TO BRING A NEW DIRECTION, AND TAKES THOSE HE BREATHES INTO AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LEVEL OF EFFECTIVENESS FOR HIS KINGDOM PURPOSES!

That is why it is like a spiritual earthquake in the spirit. That breath today will bring us into a NEW ENTIRELY DIFFERENT LEVEL OF EFFECTIVENESS! 

Does anyone want this today? Will any of us have faith to believe today April 18, 2018 God released his breath upon those He is breathing upon to bring this spiritual earthquake release in us to be transform the earth and all those God is sending us to? I know I want it Lord!

Let’s pray:
Father, let this breath, with the words RADICAL TRANSFORMATION IN THEM, reach those you intend it to reach.
Let the breath of your life fill us today and to bring that radical transformation we need to manifest in our lives today. Let it transform our lives as you desire. Let it do the deep work in us you need to bring that spiritual earthquake reality into existence in us and through us.
Father we open our hearts to receive this new breath that will transform our lives and the kingdoms of this earth to become the Kingdoms of our God in Christ.
Breath on us Lord. Breath in us Lord, we receive your released breath today in Jesus name.

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