How about Sweden?

So much is happening all over the world, concerning the Kingdom of God…
Is Sweden forgotten?
Absolutely not!

There is a sound in this nation that still is not revived! There is an identity that is so covered up in the years of transformation through a Socialistic ideology that it is hard to see the unseen yet… but it’s there for those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.
In the same time this who see are the ones that sometimes come up with that deep concern of seeing a substitute that sounds great and even looks good but is NOT recognisable as the God-given Identity that the father so much long for to show of with.

There is much happening and I am grateful, please don’t get me wrong, but it is to much like the way we try to find “The Voice of Sweden” which sounds very much like any other Voice all over the world.

We have 14 grandchildren and in a great way, they all are so beautiful different. They look different although sometimes in compering they look like each other…. BUT THE ARE UNIQUELY different! The voices, the way they express them self, the way they call my name or ask me things… THEY ARE DIFFERENT! Thank God they are…

As sometimes the culture of a family can make us do the same things, like the same songs, there still is my absolute conviction that their sound is uniquely, beautiful different and with it they complete the total of our expression.

Now what’s my point!

In our upbringing there is hopefully no intention to make copies of them but to encourage the development of their identity created within them.
And this is what I would like to say about Sweden.

I love the expression of the worship worldwide, we sing with the songs of the well known churches… But I believe that the sleeping beauty of this nation need the sound that will awake (revive) them, but not only that, I believe there is a sound that will make this nation ARISE in the beauty of it’s created but covered up identity!

I believe there is a sound that will make this nation ARISE in the beauty of it’s created but covered up identity!

The expression of worship and prayer of this nation need to be unique, recognised by the Father and… by the darkness. The frequency of Sweden will cause a change that has a longer reach and effect than just another song, just another copied culture.

Oh yes, we need to be edified, encouraged and thank God we are and will be by our brothers and sisters abroad, worldwide, but not to do what they do, not to use the “proven results” but to develop what is deep within and need to come out and… will awake the Lazarus of Sweden!

Seek, go beyond, reach out and reach in… Find the “sound” that caused this nation to be revived before.

The Father is waiting for the way Sweden will call His name!
His heart will jump up as He recognise “her” when she sings her song!
He is waiting for the prophetic mature Voices from within!
His passion is to see a mature expression of the Body of Christ in Sweden.

One last thought…
Globalisation is the spirit that is ruling the world today…
May it NOT effect the Kingdom of Heaven!

For those interested, I’m adding a very interesting 58 minutes teaching by Ray Hughes on this subject that will help you to understand (hopefully).


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