Having a Message…

As I wrote the header (some years ago) it was the result of a question I ask myself every now and then: “What is really my message? What is it that I really want to communicate?”

Todd Hanson did you get my message

The first obvious question that follows of course is: Do I have a message? Well I have to be honest: No not really! 

Please stay with me as I try to answer myself by searching the honesty of my agenda! I love to talk, to connect, to relate, to walk and I have learned that that is always the biggest challenge in meeting people. People want to hear, to define who you are. They want to label and mostly it is just the result of habits. The habit to know who I am talking with and specifically the habit to scan before trust! That is where I come in as I love to go with the blanco paper, the empty agenda just in order to see what unique thing can happen when we connect!

So than again, in that connection, do I have a message? No not really or maybe just one: The fact that I trust myself, the person I meet and the purpose behind it! That is why I am always eager to meet. Meeting new people that mostly challenge me, put my limits, question my opinions.

I love the story of Joseph in many ways. I love the process in it, the fact that the young ignorant guys spoke before time and in fact it caused the outcome of his dreams. I also love the cause of jealousy, the multicoloured mantle. Over time, when I questioned myself in not: What is my message but mainly: Who am I, this story, that was always there helped me to understand that infact you can carry an identity of multicolours. The ‘black and white’ attitude of my christian fellows always irritated me, not in the way that I was not FULLY convinced that He, Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, but mainly that the conclusions of the Christian Community can sometimes or sadly mostly be so identity killing to the most beautiful people with the most amazing initiatives.

I hesitate with “having a message” because I have learned that I have “to be a message”. I am not a Chameleon, colouring with the environment, no absolutely not! But having a Message can create distance, scare people off. I have a lot of truth where I live from, but it does not and never cause me to distance myself from those with an opposite opinion!

I love people, I am useably attracted by an environment of seemly insignificance and it always causes me to ask the question: I know what I see, but Lord, what do You see? For instance, I love the insignificant little village we live in, part of Habo community. When you asked me honestly: What do you like about it… really not much. It is not a glorious proud of itself, eager to exploit, visionary town, but I love the potential of it.

And then of course “my message” depend on my function in the conversation. As a father, I have learn my message mostly to be: I trust you, I love you, I believe in you! As a friend: I hope my message is respect, curiosity, willingness to learn and be surprised! As a stranger, meeting people: Talk to me, tell me who you are and why I an intrigued by you!

My “message” has also been about the hypocrisy and the attitudes. About the killing structures and the violent systems. About useless traditions and the limitations it brings to “the New”…

Well, maybe this article is a message in itself!

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