Let’s Be Real…

So, the city is taken, just because you demonised the watchmen on the wall. While they saw, reported, saw again and keep reporting, you refused to listen and instead called them names!
So, now the city is taken, what do we do to restore safety in the city?
Isaiah 28:6 “…a spirit of justice to the one who sits in judgment, and strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.”
Jus know that God will give back strength to those that turn the battle at the gates.

Now this is what we do as Christians, we always find a way to work all things for good…

Yes, we know the Christmas Tree has a pagan origin but… we just keep it and smartly turn it in a beautiful explained beacon of light symbol.
Yes we know that the Sabbath is the last day, but we explain each other crazy to keep the strange reason of changing it into our day instead of His day.

Yes we know… and just fill in the bad things we do as we turned by now almost everything into an acceptable brought under the “grace being weak but He is strong” issue! (Not really sure if that was the meaning of “working all things for good”.)

Getting back to the City…
I know that God will work all things for the good, but mainly despite not because of our stupid ignorant attitude.
As the City is taken, the newspapers finally are willing to admit that something is terribly wrong, there is definitely a “thing” that needs to work for the good.
Now, let us go back to the start where all these wonderful brave citizens started to sense the Trojan Horse, being brought into the City.
The Picture of The little boy at the Greek beach that shocked us deeply, even or maybe better said thanks to the fact that he died. It was this terrible picture that has set us up and blinded our eyes for the reality of the many dead that would follow, but not at that beach but in our cities.

I remember a highly respected musician that dared to speak out about the fear in the nation that caused the people to change their attitude of being polite and nice Swedes into voting for a party that spoke out against it. It was this ignorant “all things work for the good” preacher that right away climbed into his beloved pen and started to write and broke down this amazing brave musician.

Even all the pastors came together and penned a letter about love and acceptance and with it, silenced the Watchman on the wall as it has happened over and over!

I have been writting about is before:

Elections, Information, Leadership and the Fight for Truth
2018: Defining Momentum for Sweden

Today, we pray! We pray for the elections. We pray for the dramatic issues in society but we are not willing to take responsibility for the present situation. We do not restore those watchmen by acknowledging the mistakes we made.
In a way it is a good thing that it happened and that it can turn into something God can work for the good. When we recognise the fact that the system of pulpit churches we build do not work and that we have not been using the Eph. 4:11 gifts to edify the Body of Christ and receive the functions that would come out of it, and are willing to go totally back to zero, to the way He designed it from the beginning, unless we do that, nothing will change. When we keep fuelling the system of the “preachers that know” and don’t understand that we have a huge responsibly in maturing the bOdy of Christ, we repeat the Babylon System of Government Know All in the church!
Elections will just an other parliament. Just another leadership but… Not the Body of Christ back into position.

When the infrastructure does not work, don’t do irrelevant changes but rebuild a way that it works.

God has given us Blueprints that work.
If we keep on adding our adjustments to it, don’t Pray but Repent, Turn around, seek your brother, restore His way and let go of your stupid “I have studied so I know”way!

The Bible is clear and even in the past days I have heard the verse over and over: 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.…”

I hope you understand that humbling yourself is NOT confessing the sins of your government but the sins you and I made!

Humbling ourself is getting rid of the way we explain and keep explain God and His ways!

Humbling ourself is acknowledging that rebuilding a Church/Temple like Ezra did without the necessary walls and gates and watchmen and gatekeepers is as stupid as going to sleep tonight and keep your door open and put out the sign: Totally yours!

Humbling yourself and return from their wicked ways has nothing to do with sin but with the stupidity of trying to explain that your sermon was great as seed but you refused to prepare and cherish the soil.

Humbling yourself definitely means that your insights don’t and never will make sense!

I have heard the praying! I have seen the “seeking His face”, but than it has been a moving forward with what we already were doing!

So much amazing things are happening in our nation and clearly there is an awakening and awareness rising in the church of taking responsibility! With it I want to emphasise that it is about much more than great meetings. It’s about involvement! About releasing a Sound!

God has a blueprint and returning means reading the blueprint and build what you see!
And, there are so many willing to start!

Let’s Light That Fire!

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