Sweden, A Fatherless Nation, but…

A great and true post was put on facebook by a dear friend and brother in Christ today! I read it and my reaction is below, fully confirming the warning but adding some hopefully actions we can make in order to turn the tide!

Sverige! Sverige! Sverige!
Det är tid att vända om.
Sista tiden har ett flertal profeter talat allvarliga ord till vårt land. De har talat om att Sverige är under dom. Gud kommer att dömma vårt land om vi inte vänder om från den ogudaktiga väg vi nu går. Men om vi vänder om och ångrar det onda vi gör finns det hopp. Det är allvarliga ord som taltats till Sverige om att Sverige kommer drabbas av olycka men du ska veta att Gud inte gör detta för att han hatar oss utan det är för att han älskar oss och vill upprätta relationen med honom igen. Men om det ska behövas olycka för att vi ska börja söka Gud och hans vilja igen så är det inte mot hans principer att ge oss det. Det är högst bibliskt att han fostrar dem han älskar. Läs om hur han handskade med sitt eget folk.
Ha detta i åtanke om när Gud dömmer vårt land. Börja inte anklaga Gud utan börja ångra det onda vi gör så är han nådefull och ångrar det han tänkt göra.
Börja ropa till honom. Sök hans ansikte. Sök hans vilja. VÄND OM.

Translation for my non-Swedish followers

Sweden! Sweden! Sweden!
It’s time to turn around.
Recently a number of prophets have spoken serious words to our country. They’ve been talking about Sweden being under a judgement. God will judge our country if we do not turn away from the ungodly path we are now going. But if we turn around and regret the evil we do, there’s hope. Those are serious words spoken to Sweden that Sweden will suffer from disaster but you should know that God does not do this because he hates us, but it is because he loves us and wants to establish the relationship with Him again. But if there is to be disaster for us to start looking for God and His will again, it is not against His principles to give it to us. It’s highly biblical that he’s correcting the people He loves. Read about how he punished his own people.
Have this in mind when God judge our country. Don’t start accusing God but start regretting the evil we do, he’s mercy and regrets what he’s going to do.
Sweden turn around.
Start calling him. Search His face. Seek His will. Turn around.

My reaction:
“Can I add this basic major Word, spoken long before these prophets spoke out over this nation. May our efforts be easy and firm to make the hearts of the fathers return to their children.
I like to be practical and address the one issue we all as fathers, as parents , as grandparents can do other than point our finger to the institutions, the government, the church… Return your own heart, take back your own position, be the ones God called you to be and admit that you allowed them to take it from you! When we do that… the CURSE WILL BE TURNED!

There is an OTHERWISE! “Look, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome Day of the Lord comes. And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers. Otherwise, I will come and strike the land with a curse.” Malachi 4:5,6″

I believe it is the time where we see the Body of Christ coming together in full relevant effect, leaving the isolated places of rejected offices. The time where Prophets and Apostolic Fatherhood will meet and connect and closely work together. Where the Teachers will rise up and explain the relevant instead of the irrelevant.
I believe we live in serious but very challenging and even promising times, where we agree in the fact that we and let’s put it in capitals, where WE are responsible for neglecting the very basic of life!
Now, when the prophets start to speak, it is basically, and the writer above acknowledged that, because He want us to react, to respond with all in us.

As I sadly have to acknowledge that the Body of Christ has lacked vision because of lack of discipleship and education, in the same time I am fully convinced that, despite the lack, the hearts are crying out to know and… to GO!

So, when my friend, in his identity made notice of the speaking of Prophets, I hope, in my identity I can add some hopeful and promising possible actions to it!

Sweden is a big word, with so many people added to it, but lets make it a bit more personal, closer in reach, and guaranteed of gain:

Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents, members of the church community! Move on in the RETURNING PART and… The Curse WILL BE LIFTED!

For the sake of the nation, the few but the precious!

FATHERS ARISE, restore the Family and take back your authority!
PASTORS repent and give full authority and effort to THE FAMILY!
Government, let go of your ungodly ownership!
Schoolteachers, acknowledge that you can only work UNDER the authority of the parents!

Its that simple!

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