The Power of the Pen…

So, Jesus was a refugee too?

For some month now I have been worried about the way we find ourself using the Bible by explaining a misleading or at least dangerous thought.

I have to be honest that it proves the fact that the Word is a very powerful and creating instrument where we even can create our own lies or at least distractions. It is even rooted in the way God made us in His image and gave us the power to speak forth life as also evil and destruction!

(Interesting article:

It is this unbelievable unique fact of God’s love! Creating something that’s the “freedom” to neglect the creator… Its what we call pride, going against yourCreator by disconnecting yourself from the source of life. The direct effect is that we do not bring forth life but… DEATH! The ingredients as a result of the disconnection are not eternal but mortal, mainly meaning that it is not sustainable and therefor only temporary!

Now, about the way we use the Bible, the eternal word in a temporary issue called “opinion”, at the end, how wise and even reasonable it may sound, it causes only death. Moving from a worldly initiated love, emotion, we create confusing by pulling people into a reasonable sounding argument but leave them with the devastating effect, results we can not oversee since we did not move from the eternity, the God perspective.

I tend to say that when we pull our “God” into the time limited environment we create, it causes that God to die in the stupidity of our structures. I mean BOOKS, CHURCH STRUCTURES, GOVERNMENT, OPINIONS… ect.

So, why would you write a book called: Jesus was a refugee too?

I have to be honest that I only have been reading the title of the book and it’s reviews, so maybe you think that I have no right to question it, but…

It’s not just the book that worries me and made me write my “opinion”, but its the way it is used time after time but the writers and… the way they attack, silence, even label the people that have an other pinion about the sad, scary things that are happening in our nation. The way the even tried to influence the outcome of an election and specifically the way the spoke out against honourable brothers that had the courage to give their honest view and heart!

It is said the you recognise the tree by its fruits!

When division, accusation, belittling, are fruits of the sharp pens, I hope you understand my worries about the tree!

And, talking about TREES, you know that there where 2 trees in that Garden! Tree of Life and… tree of KNOWLEDGE good and evil, right and wrong. Let me help you with the fact that wrong was on the same tree as right! Mainly meaning that the fight over right and wrong is a forbidden fruit.

Another very important check it the motive of our writings. A.W.Tozer said it so beautifully right and helps me (and hopefully you too) to check the value of my writings.

The test by which all conduct must finally be judged is motive. As water cannot rise higher than its source, so the moral quality in an act can never be higher than the motive that inspires it. For this reason no act that arises from an evil motive can be good, even though some good may appear to come out of it.”

So, my point?

When your motive is:

I Jesus var också flykting visar Stefan Swärd och Micael Grenholm vad Bibeln säger om invandring i Gamla och Nya testamentet. De bemöter högerextremism och invandringsmotstånd, de granskar invandringskritiska partier i Norden och Europa samt gör en grundlig genomgång av vad Sverigedemokraterna står för. Den berör också ekonomiska frågor kring invandring.”

Translation: In Jesus was also a refugee, Stefan Swärd and Micael Grenholm show what the Bible says about immigration in the Old and New Testament. They respond to right-wing extremism and immigration resistance, they examine immigrant-critical parties in the Nordic countries and Europe, and give a thorough review of what the Swedish Democrats are standing for. It also concerns economic issues regarding immigration.

I hope it makes my point.

Let’s stop the “writing” that actually is “hiding” and have a coffee from the ultimate brand called FELLOWSHIP and…

Start disciplining the way Jesus did, one-on-one! A very effective and accountable effort.

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