By Clay Sikes

Ignorance often comes disguised as tradition (the way I think about things). Often my preconceived notions are wrong; and apart for God’s will in my life. As a result, I remain stuck in the framework of my own thinking. I have gone through periods of blissful ignorance (preconceived notions, mindsets, beliefs, and biases), only to be ‘awakened’ to something far better. Rick Joyner calls it The tyranny of the familiar,’ a apt term to a formidable foe (my own limited opinion).

Racism and political correctness are more obvious forms of this crippling cancer, as is our own need to be right, when in fact we may be very wrong. It is all wrapped up in traditional thinking, which the scriptures teach “can make the word of God to no affect,” or said differently, “cut off God’s ability to speak to us in certain areas.” 

Many in the religious arena are stuck in their own interpretation of scripture, leaving no room for new light. New wine can never be poured into old wineskins. Stagnancy in life and spiritual growth are our greatest signs of limited ‘traditional’ thinking. I have been ‘stuck’ for many years, but awakening to the new wine God is pouring into the earth right now. I am very thankful for this, but also amazed at how long it has taken me to escape the rut of sameness.‘ 


One thought on “Ignorance

  1. Etienne Zichterman

    Dear, dear brother, thank you for sharing. Ignorance is a big falure in the body of Christ and it is good to continously being reminded about this danger.

    Blessings be unto you people.

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