The heart of a father

“My son, don’t forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commands;” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:1‬

The two faces of the same controlling spirit

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Intimidation and manipulation

Have you ever tried to convince a lovely (manipulating) person with a sweet face from her/his error and during the conversation the person turns from nice to deeply uncontrollably mad and angry?

It’s the two faces of the same dark controlling spirit actually directly getting its power from witchcraft.

In both ways it is gaining power over you by first pulling you into a manipulative interaction, using deception to get your approval and when it is exposed going the 180 degree around into intimidation!

It’s the revealing moment in our time where for a too long time we allowed ourself to be lullabied into a manipulative caused sleep through all the riches of this age offered by the same evil controlling powers!

In the same time, by election answered prayers and 24/7 prayer altars, men and women, elected or awaken by God are exposing this sleepy moment of humanity and with it the church.

The sad part, like the moment of Moses, we’ve got in peace with the hard labor of our prisons in our once ment to be provision called Egypt and allow ourself to judge and analyze the “way of awakening and exposing”!

I faithfully hold fast of the beauty the historical truth of this story, knowing that God doesn’t have to ask for permission or agreement when He has to pass by the moment of complacency and reach out to the generations to come!

So, concluding, exposing evil manipulation by using ways that aren’t really Christian, (whatever that may be) and causing it into the anger, rage and demonic actions we see unfold in these days might be a God moment where the peaceful Yoga style of our approach isn’t really working!

Time to learn from our Rabbi and cleanse the Temple and turn the tables!

Ps. This is not just about the USA, don’t be fooled as Europe/Sweden is slowly moving from manipulation into intimidation!

Author: Rob van't Wout

Dutch by birth, Sweden by choice, Kingdom by grace

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