Sowing Fear, Reaping Control

Author Mick Brennan

Fully aware of the serious situation the world is in, I still or maybe specifically want to forward this article that I found on Facebook by a for me unknown author! An interesting perspective with a Fictional approach!
Rob van’t Wout

What if

If I were the devil or the leader of the New World Order, what would I do when my power was being threatened by a lone man (!) and his 65 million followers?

I believe I would use fear to paralyze entire populations of people.
I would use a few in power to cripple the masses.
I may release fear of death from disease, lock them down to shelter inside.


This would crash economies.

I would pay off the media to help spread my campaign of fear. When the weak minded cower, that will leave only half of the population to fight back.

My odds are improving. With economies starving, soon the people will be next.

I Would

Using a Worldly accepted organization I would declare a global pandemic and emergency.
I would broadcast it far and wide to stop commerce, spending and investing, meanwhile crashing global markets.
I would slowly but surely command my Leaders and Generals whom I have paid off and promised massive riches, to use their armies to quarantine their populations and disarm them.
Once they were disarmed, I would begin the cleansing of all dissenters. They would be imprisoned or killed much like in the USSR, Nazi Germany, Pots China and I would slaughter millions evermore increasing their fear of survival.
I would begin buying up all stocks in all global markets for pennies on the dollar.
As economies fail and people starve I would begin to slowly invade every country every city and every home.
I would open food lines to seem as the savior for the ever feared appocolypse that I created.
I would begin rewriting history with myself as the savior and I would have an army of children being indoctrinated in my schools that taught only what I wanted them to learn.
I now would own the majority of the global markets so that I could re-crash any economies that refused to adhere to my rulership.
I would make the value of currency useless (Venezuela) while I plundered their assets. Slowly countries would fall, my armies would grow as descenting populations shrank.
I would control all information (internet and technology) so that no one could educate themselves.
I would command my followers to seek out and report their neighbors who disagree with my rule and ideals. Soon I would know all who oppose me and city by city annihalate them. In the end I would control the planet and I would have done it all through fear of death or servitude.

This is Socialism, Dictatorship and Democratic Socialism.
There would be one world currency, One world Order and one Supreme Leader.

This is what times we are living in. If you think it could not happen to us here in this great country, look around you, open your eyes.

Do not be so arrogant that some of our governing powers would not succumb to the threats and promises of great wealth.

Do not think that our media cannot be bought and do not think that this plan has not only been set into action, but it is more than halfway to being achieved.

We are in the final phases of the game and we have but a few leaders who see this and are trying their best to deny it against all odds.

I know that most of you will not read this long analogy. Even more will dismiss it as the crazy rantings of a conspiracy theorist, because I also would have put that dismissal in your heads. But the ones that understand this analogy, please feel free to expand upon the plan, add your own details and for the sake of us all share this story far and wide before it is to late to save our way of life and our future generations from enslavement.

Do not stand by

History does repeat itself when good men stand by and say and do nothing to combat the evil that is attempting to dominate our time. Do not stand by and say to yourself that this does not affect me or my family. Stand up and raise your voices and let the world hear us.

Many people ask me why I continuously debate, argue and fight for my rights because I am just one person.

The answer is this. In Revelations it says that in the end times, one man’s voice will be able to be heard around the world. I am not arrogant enough to think that I am that one man. But I believe that God put me here for a reason and that when one man is joined by millions of other like minded men, we can all become that figurative man, woman or child.

Join me in sharing the message. With God as my witness I am going to do my part to fight this evil. Whether you like me or not this affects all of us and our children.

I am not crazy, I just see things that many do not or ignore.
Love your brother as yourself and I pray for all of God’s children.

May God bless us all and let our voices be heard.
I am sure I will be ridiculed by some for this message.
It is a small price to pay if I can awaken some of you.
I Iove you all,now it is time to wake up the masses and support each other in these dangerous times.

Mick Brennan

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