Yesterday (Easter Day) was a scary day as “unbalance” was the word that brought me to the hospital.

After waking up fresh and ready for the day to come and the happy moment with my loved ones, suddenly while watching a sermon at the Tomb Garden, the world started to rolling around like a merry-go-round! Scary as panic took over for my and I felt totally out of control. It was as if my body took over and decided to do its own thing with an uncontrollable reaction of throwing up! After an hour or so we decided to call the doctor and we were asked to come to the hospital.

It were some crazy hours, missing the yearly beautiful prepared breakfast with my children and grandchildren rushing out for the hospital as my body went totally crazy.

A table prepared…

Arriving in a Covid-19 dominated area with nurses dressed like aliens wasn’t a pleasant sight although it didn’t really touch me. As my body was doing it’s own thing, I refused to let my spirit get out of control and my soul run by the environment of fear.

Allowed to enter the hospital after being examined in a army tent the waiting began.

Well, long story short, it turned out to be a Crystal in unbalance! BPPV is the medical word for it (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) as a crystal out of place is giving false information caused your system to run its own race.

So, I needed a reset!

As it all started 07.30, finally at 16.00 I felt released and ready to return home.

Not really the Easter I expected to have but super glad this uncontrolled physical reaction was put to a stop.

Well, knowing me, as I firmly believe that the Lord often needs a physical body to tell us a spiritual lesson, you probably understand that I had the “working all things for the good” part out of it as I am processing the “reset” of the body into a spiritual understanding.

Coming home, a book could have been written from all the touching reaction of my grandchildren, expressing their love for grandpa and the faith in Jesus!

I know God is speaking about the UNBALANCE of the Body and the needed RESET as it is running its own story.

The interesting part is that the doctor moved my head for 3 times in the opposite direction to give it a reset!

One thought on “The UNBALANCE and the RESET

  1. Etienne Xichterman

    We’re happy to hear about you decodering from these every moment. Het well soon my brother. ❤

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