The Masks

This remarkable observation was send to me this morning by a dear friend and intercessor:

Just reading the  faces!
When masks reveal the hidden soul condition and the smile can no longer cover up the emptiness of the heart.
It has been interesting to see people behind their masks.
The eyes are truly windows of the soul.
When the smiles are hidden and only the eyes revealed I have seen much more of the people.  I have seen pitiful expressions, pools of despair in faces usually hidden in smiles.
Its been quite an “eye opener”!

We often recite the saying: When the Masks are falling! But receiving this amazing insight and confronting thought brought a total different perspective to the seeing and the responsibility that comes with it.

Over the years I often have informed you of the prayer that I have learned to pray: Lord I know what I see, but please let me see what you see!

Today I encourage you to start looking in the eyes and reading the heart through it!

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