A Generous Consecration: Resetting the altars of our lives

By Alan Scott

There is something about this national moment that is resetting the altars of our lives. It feels poignant. Everything stripped back. It’s like a cleansing of the temple. God is resetting worship. He is restoring worship and reclaiming worship in this moment.

The reordering of worship overturns the current popular practices of worship. It offends the worship ‘industry’. It delights those who value covenant above commerce. It throws out everything not aligned with the heart of the Father. It moves worship from the focus upon horizontal to the vertical. 

Every platform to man removed. Every effort at popularity removed. Every idol of promotion removed. Using ministry to gain wealth removed. Using ministry to appear important removed. Using ministry to increase visibility removed. Every exploitation of people to fulfill our dreams removed. Every ignoring of the poor and seeking the friendship of the powerful removed. The cleansing of the temple has never been more necessary. 

The idea that Jesus would be impressed by what we have built to make Him famous, or that He would leave our models of worship intact is vain. We are too timid to tear down the temple ourselves, too afraid to confront the excesses. We allow things to stand which, when moved by the Spirit, must be pulled down. Edifices for our own importance born from our ego rather than by His Spirit. 

The cleansing of our modern temples has begun. It will continue with greater acceleration.

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