When the time is set

“Leave the nest because you are hurting the others.”

Never forget that moment as I was struggling in my resistance to what I sensed as unfair and misdirection.

I hate it to observe injustice, hypocrisy, ignorance or any other misacting or misunderstanding around me. It was in the early 90ties while much was happening in the church in those days as the spirit started to touch the body of Christ and the 2 things happened that can even mark the climate of today’s society.

Many in those days, including me, were longing for more, not knowing exactly what and somehow we felt an invitation in the atmosphere. Of course there were also those resisting it strongly.

In those days I felt like it was as in the vision of Ezekiel where step by step the bones connected, the flesh and the skin were covering the structure and the breath of God was activating it into Life.

A book by Floyd McClung was called “You see dry bones, I see an army.” and it spoke deeply to my imagination.

Reflecting those days for me gave me the impression that from the early 1900 God started to rebuild His church, the Body of Christ, preparing for that moment to breathe Life in it and all those leaders started to complain and called it chaos, disrupting the systems.

I “dived into the river” as they would call it, but in the same time I sadly observed the division that it caused.

As many “switched church” (hate to use the expression nowadays) at that time, we didn’t feel like it because we loved the people and the community we had.

But God…

Yes, He thought different and that’s where the words came to mind!

As I was watching this moment on television of the release of a young captured eagle, it spoke to me clearly:

“Leave the nest, you are hurting the others!”

Observing too often brought me to despair, not being able to fix things as I would define myself a fixer, I’ve learned to move passed the issue and look for a way to do my battle, the battle that I can “win”!

Speaking what you see often means speaking death, but walking pass the things you see and approaching the Throne learned me to ask for words that create Life.

Now, struggling with my tendency to fix things, in the years to follow I’ve understood that it’s part of my identity and without a clear assignment, you can hurt more then you heal.

When Jeremiah 1:10 came to me, it brought me a more complete strategy that fitted my way of looking at things.

Forget the nation part here but look a bit further and see the things to be done before we start to build or to plant!

“See, I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.” Jeremiah 1:10 ESV

So, I left the “nest”, understanding that maturity had to do with “leaving the parents and clinging to…”. Leaving the “safety” of repeating systems caused me to dig deep within in the years of my than starting journey. Making myself vulnerable to the observation of others and the judgment that came with it. The many mistakes came of course as making decisions comes with the option of missing the mark completely.

That journey and its report might be an other post but for now, again in “leaving the nest”, and finding new grounds, I hope I will meet some new “eagles”, some interesting social media tired kindred spirits that will fly along while migrating from the “cold weather” in the season that brings it.

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