So I left

Leaving the Town square

Has been quite an experience, leaving the “town square” called social media, the place where we met and talked and shared. The place also where we peaked into each others life and secretly observed from a distance. It was crowded and intense to be amongst and follow the talk, the exploration of opinions. The intense atmosphere of ignorance and parroting the “prompter” on the platforms.

While watching the info on the “other” channels, the channels I choose to trust, I remember the moments to fight the ignorance and posted my “truth”, my worried warnings.

The watchman function in me cried out no, stop, careful, see, open your eyes but then they succeeded in their effort to demonise with labels as they silenced the Watchmen, bribed the Gatekeepers and replaced the Elders of the city.

And the City is taken down.

I’ve been screaming for years that the Trojen Horse is brought in because of the silencing of the inhabitants and today, the Horse is openend and its content is revealed. 

2020, the year they captured your mind by spreading the fear. They convinced you to trust to the level of despair and fear.

And in the leaving, I feel weak, helpless, knowing without a voice and coming to the end of speaking out.

But then, I left. 

I still did it and I am glad it is because of obedience.

I loved you all too much to keep silent. I cared to much to shut up and carry the label of doom thinker with acquiescence! 

So, I wrestle as I needed to come to the full trust of the invisible, the need been heard and acknowledged.

Brought back to the reality of the 2 or 3, the 12, the few and the “not by might, but by My spirit” secret of our silence and our weakness.

Let I be honest that my fight is mostly with myself, my fix-it attitude, my worry, my stepping in and speak moments, realising that after I’ve said it, I can go back to my daily routines. 


The many times I woke up with the 333 full red blinking on my bedside table, I used to go to the Jer. 33:3 verse and “Called out” while in the same time Ez. 33.3 said:  “and he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people”.

Today I choose to open up the Word and read the secret of our invisibility: “Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.” Psalm 33:3

With a house full of skilful musicians, a lot of skilful (grandkids)voices with the strength of shouting and hearts to be filled with joy, I choose to mainly focus on the “New Song”, the “thank you Lord”, the “You are more” part.

Leaving you with the longing expressed by those beautiful words that will define Life:

I pray that trust will grow and peace will enter in the year to come. I pray that we are ready for the “despite of all” moments, the “against all odds” choices.

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