Its a journey

In the moments of conversation and (re)connection, I can really say that our hearts are rejoicing about the beauty and significance of the way we see Him working.

As I took the month of November to sit at my fireplace outside every day from 17.00 till 18.00, it was mainly to “see” Him clear (as the darkness surrounded me) and to “hear” His whispering in the worship I’ve put on and reading of the Word. It was also a journey to leave the demanding places of social media and seeking new channels. Since I closed down my Facebook page at the end of that month, it was a challenge as the past year caused me to speak, loud and sharp into the distracting, manipulating airwaves surrounding this terrible “disease“ as an attack on the beauty of gathering and fellowship.

So, entering the month December was a full step into Advent where I led my family during the Sunday gatherings into the openness of expecting the New.
It isn’t easy as so much of the past took roots in our lifestyle and even warm memories. Giving it a place of “the rest” as the Word states that there is a First, the Kingdom and His righteousness.
Going back from the 200 to the few, the curious ones that came with me but are not active so far, I am excited to see what God will add or not. Speaking out without an audience is mainly trusting the Ruach being added to it and the Light reacting.

As I posted before, God does not need a majority to perform, to act or to step in. As human beings we connect numbers to influence, loud to convincing and big to impressive. We look at the circumstances and add the word realistic to it with the conclusions of impossible or possible.

Well, in this journey of detoxing, I am shocked how much of all these thoughts and “realities” are defining my way with the Lord.

My prayer:
Lord help me to keep close, available and obedient.
Your ways are beyond blocked roads and closed doors.
You dwell in the silence of our spirit
and speaks softly despite the loudness of our soul.
Force us to REview our ways
Help us to REfocus our priorities
REnew our mind
Restore our hope
Help us to REconnect,
and to REmember Your promises
spoken in the past.

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