For the Sake of Unity

It’s this constant reminder not to be harsh against our brothers and sisters and not to attack each other for the sake of unity and love that hinders and even angers me in a way. 

At the end of the war on “the idiot called Trump” we need to stop attacking each other with facts and accusations  and group in full peace and prayer, at least that’s what we need to believe. Again we found a name to define evil like we labeled the evil of WWII with the name Hitler. When the man killed himself, we only had to rebuild the world in peace and established the U(nited)N. (Will address this strategy later in a separate blog.)

Was reading the Gospel of John this month and a bit surprised by the “love” Jesus expressed toward His people in order to keep the unity. Healing people, raising the death and preaching an unbelievable gospel about the Kingdom of God was a big part of His time in those 3 years as in the same time He fiercely took it against the hypocrisy of the leaders of the nation. The Pharisees, in bed with the conquerors, were the very focus of His demolishing words and preachings, heard publicly and not hidden in Tweets and blogs. He knew that building up and planting healing words were worth nothing in an atmosphere of religion and wrong concepts and therefore took down the authority of the “teachers” in order to encourage the people to judge for themselves and receive the delivering words.

He preached to a nation of Jews, a people called Israel knowing that unity was a dangerous word in order to keep the people silent, ignorant and under full control by laws and regulations.

I try to figure out where the teachers in this nation (Sweden) get the authority from to tell us who to vote for or what is right or wrong. Their pulpit mindset and their “educated” positions are exactly doing what God was warning the people of Israel for when they chose kings to lead them. Abuse, diminishing words and belittling actions in order to keep “the throne” safe would be the full effort of them and even with the lie of democracy and elections, since the heart of kings are (mostly) all about power. There is no way a throne or a pulpit will keep people from the temptation of power and more and better and of course above unless accountability and humbleness is part of the package! 

That’s where godly fatherhood comes in and humble hearts are needed to lead generations into their greatness instead of submission. In that way it’s interesting the way some preachers prefer the KJV translation of the Bible where leadership and kingship is first.

Well today they have a companion as I heard mr. Biden preach UNITY from his pulpit and it got my attention as Unity for me today is synonym to “Shut up and adjust”!

My main check is reading Ephesians 4 from start to finish over and over again just to be sure about my heart.

Preparing an open letter to the self-appointed spiritual leaders of this nation and therefor in checking my heart constantly I need to know if it is anger driven by the worldly events and media headlines or anger driven caused by the Spirit as the root and motive of my writings. So, when the letter doesn’t show up… 😉

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