A call to order

 I am calling order in your life, in your circumstances and in your surrounding atmosphere. I am calling all that is out of alignment with My goodness, My grace, My judgments, My love and My kingship to come into proper position.

You may felt that you have been in a place of disorder, confusion, chaos and of discord, where everything that once seemed steady and settled is now no longer so. But this is not the grace that I release over you and this is not a season that I have ordained for you to be in. So, in response to your persistent cries for intervention, I am coming and I am coming with My order.

I am speaking order into your physical body, particularly to the blood and vascular systems. Where there has been a severe lack of energy and stability in your health, I now speak My Kingdom alignment and turn the tables.

I am speaking order into your family and your relationships. Broken relationships within your family are about to be restored and some distant family members are about to reconnect. You knew you had to advance, but brokenness in your family unit has held you back but, as I bring restoration, you will not just advance forward but even be propelled forward

I am speaking order into your thinking and your thought processes. Your thought processes have held you captive and your thinking has built your prison cell. But I am speaking order and alignment into every thought that you have and it is time to call every thought that is not of My nature, into captivity. I am breaking down the walls that lies have built and causing your thinking to begin to work for you and not against you.

Listen to My voice that brings order. Partner with My voice as it brings alignment.

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