The Reward…

And this is the reward… 

The thought that came to mind while watching the picture of our beautiful 3 generational tribe!

When all you know is that we just left as if we didn’t care, I can honestly tell you that leaving has been the hardest part of life while staying would be so obvious. It is so tempting to keep getting together and build “the visions on the place where we only have to rest and move on.

It has been the constant lessons of our life as we learned never to live arrived until and still then…

The reason for delay is mostly staying too long at the places that were supposed to be temporary. The Egypts and Goshens that were provision for a set time, and although even the delay turned into a planned and by God purposed time, that’s where God proved time after time that nothing will be able to halt the goal, the ultimate reason of all we go through.

Let’s be honest that the (re)creation of an amazing world and the most amazing part of the “creating of man to His own image”, the master piece of it all, the having an own will and ability to say no has been the greatest risk, something we as human beings would never do, but still, He did and proved that Time was not an issue.

In all the moving, the leaving, the arriving and leaving again, if there is one thing I’ve learned is that the willingness to see beyond the tears is the only certainty to recover from the pain, from being not understood and the goodbyes that caused the questions.

I’ve learned that answers and questions are mostly part of pain, fear and lack of trust. Wanting answers is part of our human being but in the same time part of our weakness. It reveals the lack of intimate relationships we have build where trust is the foundation. 

So, in the leaving, in the moving from, in the never understanding why, trust has been the result as we turned the hard corners and were amazed by its unfolding views. It’s where we trust, miss and move on and where a generation receives a new starting point. It’s even realising that they have to move on as we bring them never to an end conclusion but provide a jumping platform for the way to the end. The marathon as we pass on the baton. Realising that our “heaven on earth” is only a weak conclusion of what is to come helps us to put in perspective the way we are so easy satisfied.

My point?

Life is only LIFE when we think where He is up to and our part is only relevant when we live generational, dedicated to serve and never ever want to be served.

It’s His way, His purpose as He leads us daily to the place of death, the Cross and even knowing there will be a Third Day doesn’t make the pain less painful.

Never live arrived is a mindset, a choice and a willingness not to accept the place of temporary comfort. It’s the understanding that bringing us in a place of need is part of the plan of the adversary, the delay, the draining us in comfort so we make 5 years of provision into 400 years of prison.

I know it’s a lot in some words but it’s what I am, it’s who you meet, it’s what we think and talk and live.

So, about the reward…

The prove that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is still the God that within 3 generation can do a new thing, creating a people for His own.

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