by Nate Johnston

The days of building empires are over..

There is no more juice left in that wineskin. The grace period to keep prioritizing bricks and mortar over sons and daughters is over. 

The heart of God is brooding over family and if you are looking for what God’s pulse is on right now – that is it. 

Not fake family. Not plastic, inauthentic, religious cliche family, but real family.

We have been so good at building structures and administratively creating perfect organizations, systems, and people management but have lost the very heart of the father. 

If you are wondering what to build – build family. Repair family. Champion the family. FIGHT for the family. 

That’s why the enemy is warring so hard after the family and the values of kingdom family because he sees that it is the future. 

He sees that it is the key that unlocks harvest and an army of uncompromising burning ones. 

The tide of culture is right now warring against the family but we get to be the wave that pushes it back. 

The days of the enemy tearing down our homes are over. It’s been an injustice and one that God is correcting. 

That’s why religion can’t be our idol and ministry our mistress. We have to protect the home. 

We can’t be lovers of the boardroom more than the family room. We can’t keep sacrificing our children on the altar of “doing kingdom” 

We can’t keep letting Disney raise our kids while we are off doing fire-tunnels. 

We can’t keep letting Netflix and computer games numb our kids to the reality of the spirit.

We must build the altar in the home again. We have to lead our families into the presence and into real encounter. 

This is a change of gears season where God is anchoring us back to what really matters. 

That’s what you have felt an internal shift of priorities and your appetite has changed. Thats God showing you where He wants you to move. 

It’s a season of stepping into a different flow, off the hamster wheel and into the slipstream of the spirit. 

It’s a season of less is more and you will be so surprised by what God produces with your yes to the less. 

It’s a season of taking back the family mountain for the kingdom and stripping false kings of their titles and evicting them from their thrones. 

It’s a season of finally coming into stability and an establishing for families who have been in the long hallway of transition for many years. 

He is planting you so he can make you into a pillar and a shade and refuge for so many others. 

This is the birthing place of revival and this is what the pioneering was all for. 

This is the season we are moving away from the manicured to the messy. The ducks in a row to the completely reliant on the spirit. But the fruit will speak for itself. 

Empires have successfully created clones and obedient servants, but have failed to raise friends of God that know His voice. 

Family is restoring everything that religion has defiled. We are on a take-back mission and the lost are coming home. 

The isolated and those camped out on the fringe, rejected, outcasted, and those who don’t fit the criteria of the system. They are coming home. 

The table is being spread and the prodigals are already beginning to run. And we have to be ready with a ring and a robe. It’s that time. He is getting you ready. 

Right now He is severing all unhealthy attachments and ties to you. He is setting the record straight over your home. 

The generational dysfunctions you grew up in are no longer yours to continue in. This is a season that God begins a new thing in your home. 

Kingdom legacy is beginning. He has started a new bloodline that begins with you right now at this moment. 

I prophesy; 

Legacy begins here and now. This is where it changes. 

Our kids will not grow up tormented, demonized, gender-confused, addicted, or unsure of who they are. They will be sons and daughters of God who know their identity, and purpose, pursuers of God’s heart, and restorers of those who are broken. 

Our marriages will not be attacked any longer, assassinated, broken down, and destroyed. Our marriages will be holy and set apart. Not like the world’s ways but built upon the rock – in JESUS’ name! 

About Nate and Christy Johnston

Our hearts are to raise up ageneration of sons and daughters who reflect king JESUS

We see a world where God’s sons and daughters are awakened to the truth of who they are in Christ establishing the Kingdom of heaven here on the earth. Our desire is to see God’s people permeate the earth with the glory of Jesus. Our mission is to serve you, through our online courses, our prophetic words, and anything else we might offer—we’re in this to make a difference in your life. To help you know your identity in Christ, be founded in love and walk in your royal authority.

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