A tribute to the Brave

I need to get it off my chest today and I really really hope you walk with me trough my writing, emphasising the word BRAVE that I needed to add to my reflection.

I even thought of making it an Open Letter, a public statement so it could reflect the Habakuk 2 running with the vision encouragement.

“Write down the revelation  and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false.
Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.”
Habakuk 2:2 and 3

I know it sounds pretentious to add the word “revelation” (seeing) to this letter but I have carried it through all the turmoil of the past 2 years. Although a lot of frustration and even anger has been connected to the seeing and revealing part, mostly my aim of the writing is to give words to my concern of status of the insights, the unwillingness and even more the division of the “Body of Christ”.

revelation | rɛvəˈleɪʃ(ə)n |
1 a surprising and previously unknown fact that has been disclosed to others: revelations about his personal life.
• [mass noun ] the making known of something that was previously secret or unknown: the revelation of a plot to assassinate the king.
2 [mass noun ] the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence

So, a Tribute

Yes, in all basic meaning this is supposed to be a tribute, a honouring of all those, christian or not, consciously or unconsciously, that stood against the spirit, the climate that entered the world very visible, very shocking and awfully demanding present in the beginning of 2019.

It’s a tribute to all those that could be defined by their (biblical) predecessors, called by beautiful names but in the same connected to the same rejection, misunderstanding and moments of despair through the attack of those that don’t see, don’t hear and even don’t want to hear.

The Gideons, Daniels, Josephs, Esthers, Jeremiahs and Ezekiels, who somehow heard, saw and in their absolute despair cried out, spoke, warned (and yes,) prayed! They loved you too much to be silent.

We are entering today a shocking moment of the revealing of the lies, the criminal attempts, the control of your thinking and your freedom of seeing it different, I’ve said it often that we need new conspiracy theories since all mine have turned out to be true.

It’s time to review your attitude against the brave ones who, despite the flow against them, spoke out, sometime just echoed the “fake news” but even sometimes searched, searched deeply and found. The brave (and maybe sometimes stupid) ones that somehow saw something was totally wrong in the narrative and saw a pattern in the playbook that felt dangerous. 

It’s time, and now I’m talking to the church, to realise that you are so glad to be saved, to be part of a good church, to love the Lord but failed in understanding that there is more than that.

As Israel in many ways in the Old Testament was so much more than the “Old” covenant, they reflected the beauty of a nation, a total of tribes and functions. A society that understood danger of enemies and attacks, of being different and set apart. And yes, they failed, they failed many, many times  dramatically and sadly, but through those brave names as I mentioned then before, they were warned, brought back to their “being a nation” part. The Prophets, Judges, Watchmen and even some righteous Kings learned that being a nation under YHW was more than having a great life and great harvest in a given land.

As much as we tend to focus on the Cross, the Grace and the Goodness of God, we fully fail in becoming the ‘Being One’ part as being the Body Jesus intended to be. We reflect the status of the “saved and purposed” potential of the Ezekiel pile of bones but being so glad of being saved, we refused to be connected, bone by bone, to the wappies, the dangerous people that saw it different. Not for their own sake but for the greater cause. Appointed sometimes or just socially concern since, like you, they love life and don’t want to be demonised or belittled. They are part of you and let me be honest, skipping their voice from your life effects the future you are going to live in. It forms a “church” of unintended arrogance even when the label is love and obedience. You colour the outcome into something that fits your narrative and let me be clear, you Carved an Image, an idol of your church vision. 

One of the worst things that have been thrown to them is the Romans 13:1 lie. The one vers that have been used so out of context and said more about you than about them. The dangerous way people have been “put to their place” by the abuse of the Word as they walk in obedience, neglecting the consequences of their braveness. They spoke, in obedience as they refused to follow the public narrative.

Let me explain the way I’ve learned how dangerous that is and what the effect is on the “speaking”. People see or sometimes just feel something is wrong and start asking, searching in order to just check their unrest. So, the answers are overwhelming by the created environment of society “No, all is wel!”. Time after time they ask and want to check as mostly their DNA can be recognised as “Watchman”. I hope you understand what happens after a (sometime thankfully long) time, they become silent and start to question their own senses. Well, you’ve silenced the Watchman and put your self in great danger.

I’ve seen it (to) many times as with it the Church create an “peace, peace but there is no peace” environment and allow the body to be divided to its core.

Politics have done it over and over as we demonised the “seers” because we like the nice, the happy, the good together and allow those valuable people to start their own party so we can neglect their vision. Divided to the bones, a nation doesn’t survive.

Divided to the bones the Body, the Church DOES NOT SURVIVE.

We have created (caused) a tribe of Lonesome Cowboys, painful rejected and deeply harmed and we blame them instead of ourself. 

Yes, I know we love the vers “If my people”, but the humbling part mostly needs to come from THEM instead of US. Lack of insight as I started with it, filter the way we seek Him, seek answers and we keep the train going without realising that it isn’t going to work.

The Brave

The brave became a neglected, rejected and demonised bunch of people that somehow lost their voice and even credibility. I can mention names of course and maybe I should mention them, but allow me just now to address the issue, standing for those that are more “body of Christ” than you want them to know. They now or some day will know that this was more than being right. They are pushed by you into a situation of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, but mainly they became your mirror of sad lack of Oneness, Love, accountability, correction.

They proved the presence of the Tree (of knowledge Good and Evil) on your Table.

It’s time to repent, to return, to become…

A last word that mostly reflects my heart is this present moment. Let us move away from being right or being wrong. Let’s realize the status of the Body of Christ and… Let’s go to the Cross, not to receive a personal feel good salvation moment but to see the fleshly “Body of Christ” dying for the greater cause. Let us lay down our life so we might actually LIFE. Let’s Go for those devastating Three Days of Death in order to ARISE and raise a Song on that Third Day, to reveal the wholeness of the Third day Church.


You See Bones, I See an Army: Changing the Way We Do Church

Book by Floyd McClung

PS. If you know a Braveheart that needs the encouragement, or somebody that needs to review their attitude, feel free to forward the post!

One thought on “A tribute to the Brave

  1. pdjong21gmailcom

    Mooi Rob. En hoe waar. Scherp ook. Maar daarmee schaar je je in goed gezelschap van die andere wachters.


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