A Modern Version of the Proverbs 31 Woman

Have to give you some perspective on why I will post this (incredible) modern version of the Proverbs 31 Woman description. In the past few weeks, during the Lent season where the Fasting, Prayer and Communion was big part of our journey, we have been connecting ourself with the rytmn of the Jewish tradition in the way to celebrate Communion. The longing was not to repeat tradition but to find a deeper way on the how and why and so I encouraged our tribe to do it different. As 1 Corintiers 11 has been the main Bible verses that we have been reading over the years, the challenge was to do it the origional way, the way Jesus did it and the way He asked us to do it “in remembrance” of His sacrifice.
So we did it and still do.
That’s where the reading of Proverbs 31 came in as the head of the (Jewish) household, after lightning the candles where the wife/mother reads the blessing, praises the wife by reading this chapter.
Well, yesterday I felt to search for a more modern version as much of the declaration don’t really connect with our present day routines and I found this (in my opinion) wonderful version.
Printed it out and handed it over to the man…. You get the picture!

My Proverbs 31 Woman

10 Who can find a confident, kind-hearted virtuous woman? for her price is far above anything this world can offer.

11 Her husband loves her with his whole heart, showing his love through service, pre-planning their dates, and still looking at her like when they were dating.

12 And she loves him with her whole heart, forgiving him of his faults, encouraging his talents, and always remembering he is a son of God.

13 During the day she googles how to get stains out of her daughter’s brand new jeans, wipes the toddler’s tray for the 50th time, and balances the budget.

14 She runs errands, gets kids to their doctor’s appointments, and goes food shopping; sometimes she even gets organic hummus to go with the Doritos she also bought.

15 During the nights, when she just wants to curl up in bed and sleep, she packs lunches for tomorrow, irons clothes for tomorrow’s workday, and wonders how long her eldest will continue to call her “Mommy;” she also remembers to put the clothes to donate in the trunk of her car so she doesn’t forget it (again).

16 She works hard to multiply what life gives her so that it is enough and more for her family; she is a wise steward of her resources.

17 She is strong and uses her strength to give voice to the voiceless in her community.

18 She doesn’t waste her time or emotional energy comparing her life to others’: Pinterest does not define her self-worth.

19 She takes time for self-care, enjoying hobbies that enrich and beautify her family’s home and which create space for even mom to make mistakes, learn, and grow.

20 She recognizes the abundance of her blessings – most of the time – and generously shares her talents, compassion, and material resources with others.

21 She uses her education to bless her family: her husband and children support her continued education.

22 She is wise in how she talks about her body; she knows little ears will hear and sometimes mimic body shaming feelings or talk.

23 Her husband talks respectfully about her and she him, and neither uses each other as the punchline of a joke – and everyone they know knows that.

24 She works hard with her hands, her head, and her heart to bless her family and others; she has a “village” she can call on in times of need.

25 Her countenance radiates strength and goodness; and she is striving to allow her faith to overcome her fears of the future.

26 It’s easy for her to gives compliments; and she repents when she realizes she’s said something unkind about another.

27 She keeps her children and husband close to her heart, and knows when to work and when to play.

28 She watches her children grow up, and regardless of the paths they choose, they know she loves them; her husband appreciates all that she has done to nurture their children and tells her that often.

29 There are many different ways to be a virtuous woman, and you’re one of them.

30 Being #ontrend and staying out of pictures because your hair/makeup/outfit doesn’t look the best is lame and you know this: it’s a woman who is trying her best to keep the commandments of the Lord and repenting often who truly has joy.

31 When you see a good woman, speak it; we rise by lifting others.

Source: https://www.middaymornings.com/a-modern-version-of-proverbs-31-woman/

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