My End-Time Perspective

So, we had this wonderful, fully served, as always more than enough Breakfast made by my wife, with our friends from the USA on Sunday morning. Such a great time of talking, walking, sitting and observing.

Reviewed the weekend, the meeting with my kids and grandkids, the church and so much more.

And then he asked the question:
“What’s your Perspective on the End-Times Rob, do you have any particular theory on it?”

Wow, that’s a big one and actually very easy to answer as my answer came as quick as it could be:
“No Mark, to be honest I don’t have any revealing thought about it, my focus is TODAY!” And here began this great moment as we shared, agreed, rejoiced and with it moved on in our assignment.

Turns out that it is a huge topic in the States, where specifically in this days of chaos and fear, the issue that “the Lord is Coming Back Soon”, is hot item.

As I was in University in the 70ties, being a newborn believer, eager to follow Jesus and also very hungry for the truth, the books came out from Hal Lindsey, The Late Planet Earth, where it was so obvious that Jesus was coming back soon, very soon. The song from Andrae’ Crouch sounded in our ears and even in that times it was all over. 

So, I decided to fully go for the Lord and dropped school…

Anyway, the atmosphere and the urge to go and tell was beyond the common sense.

I’ve been writing the guy (Hal Lindsey) if there was any refunding and even compensation, as of course the books were wrong, deadly wrong. Well, at least it made him millions and he is still in the race, predicting and writing. Never heard a public apology of understanding that there is no such thing as knowing the how and the when. They all, all those writers, forgot the words Jesus spoke that NO ONE, not even the angles would know the when!

There is this other author, Tim Lahey, becoming a multimillionaire, as his books became movies and even I used them to evangelise (scare them  into “the Kingdom” I would later regret). At least I realised my responsibility, discipling and equipping this deceived generation. It’s one of the reasons that up on this day, I turn those books around when I see them in the secondhand shops! Feels good!

No, we (Mark and I) both agreed that this whole flood of fear sowing theories, these making million preachers and teachers, have been wrong and will so in the time to come. It caused delay, a paralysing delay in the way we are supposed to take back this world and accomplish the Great Commission.

Yes, when I look around, I see chaos and fear, even darkness to its full and that makes me even more aware of our responsibility and the failing systems of “knowledge” we created. The arrogance that in fact is part of the atmosphere of Church, refusing to take full responsibility for the chaos WE created by hoping that the Lord comes back soon and we can Fly Away.

Compassion, responsibility, the weight of it has to push us to the understanding offer assignment, which is NOT building churches or writing books or spreading confusing opinions.

This evening a link was forwarded to me about a worthwhile teaching of a very proven prophet, pastor, teacher, Johnny Enlow. Every word he spoke resonated in my spirit and of course I forwarded it to my friend.

So, dig in, be encouraged by this revealing, encouraging, realistic but confronting message of Johnny!

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