Growing up in the Kingdom Age

By Ron McGatlin

Baby Jesus was birthed without a sin nature inherited from an earthly father descended from Adam. Jesus, like Adam, was created without sin and had the ability to make decisions by choice. Both Jesus and Adam started life with perfect minds and hearts undamaged or unclouded by sin and death and in full connection with Father God.

Jesus was God in heaven and chose to become a new natural human being in a flesh and bones body, a new Adam. Baby Jesus was totally a fresh and new lineage from God without the curse of sin from Adam’s fall of disobedience.

Jesus’ perfect mind and heart were unmarred by damage or darkness from the curse of the sin nature of Adam. He was able to learn and understand far greater than any natural person descended from Adam.

How was Jesus, as a natural human child, educated in the world? Where did he go to school and what college or university did he attend?

Growing up in Nazareth as a Jewish child he undoubtedly attended synagogue schools. The only textbook used at that time was the Hebrew Bible. As a Jewish child, he would have started school around five years old. With an unclouded perfect mind, He could learn very quickly even as a natural boy.

There were many rabbis and school opportunities where Jesus grew up. It is obvious in His ministry that He knew the Hebrew Bible and was very capable in language and human knowledge as well as godly wisdom from Father God.

Much education has always been from parents and Jesus apparently did learn carpentry from his father and worked helping him as a boy or young man. (Mark 6:3).

When the boy Jesus was twelve years old, He stayed behind in Jerusalem after the Feast of Passover, unbeknown to His parents. After a day’s journey, they found that He was not in the company of family and returned to look for Him.

“Now so it was that after three days they found Him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both listening to them and asking them questions. And all who heard Him were astonished at His understanding and answers.” Luke 2:46-47.

Jesus returned with His parents and continued to follow them as He grew up in stature and wisdom. He continued growing as a natural sinless child with all the qualities of connection with God that the world around Him did not have.

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” Luke 2:52.

Jesus knew God as Heavenly Father all of His life and communed with Him, much like the first Adam did before the fall. However, all of Jesus’ mighty works were done after He was baptized, filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit. He did mighty supernatural miraculous works by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 3:11-17).

The mighty supernatural works of Jesus were done in part to show us by example that a natural sinless man filled with the Holy Spirit can do these mighty supernatural works by the power of the Spirit of God.

A fully redeemed natural man is a sinless man. He or she is the same as if they had never sinned. Only a sinless person can be baptized, filled and saturated in the Holy Spirit. As natural sinless mankind, we can do the works that Jesus did and greater works. (John 14:12).

Jesus then went on to become the sacrificial offering to fully redeem mankind from sin and death to a life of love and power. He is now the love and power of God in us by the Holy Spirit to do the works that He did then and greater works now. (John 14:16-20).


As redeemed sons and daughters filled and saturated by the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire of the very life of Christ Jesus, WE CAN NOW DO THE WORKS OF CHRIST AND GREATER WORKS, IF WE BELIEVE!

Why then do most of the people in all of the world NOT BELIEVE?

In plain words, the people of the world have been taught and trained to not believe in God. Education of the children in the western world has taught them so much academic knowledge from the tree of knowledge that there is little to no room for them to consider the true reality of God from the tree of life. Kingdom age education will be changed!


There are three major parts of education and training of children in the kingdom of God on earth. I see these areas of true education as: INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION and IMPLEMENTATION.

INSPIRATION comes from the Holy Spirit and pure Love from God. To be inspired is to be given from God the purpose of one’s life here on earth. It is knowing our part in serving God by meeting the needs of mankind and the world around us according to God’s plan and purposes.

All knowledge is of little or no value for life in this world without inspiration. Academic literally means in part, “having no practical or useful significance.”

Without inspiration, formal education is all academic and can be difficult and even detrimental by filling the mind with unusable knowledge or trivia, thus wasting the potential of the mind. “Knowledge puffs up.” (I Corinthians 8:1-3).

Most modern western education focuses on academics in addition to giving a broad potential of choices later for the student to go into many different fields of activity. Precious time and a great deal of effort go into learning a broad spectrum of which only some things will be usable in the life experience.

This is being done because there is little to no recognition of inspiration from God in the student giving God’s FOCUS and DIRECTION for his or her life.

If there is clear inspiration from God, the broad educational systems can literally bog down and get in the way of the student learning the things that will be needed in his or her lifetime purpose.

This is called secular or Godless education. The absence of God in secular education also leaves a wide-open door for the wise serpent of evil darkness to subversively corrupt the mind and heart of the student with temptations and lies of evil darkness that appear as light. Much of that which is taught in modern secular school systems, both in content and practice, is laced with cunning deceptions of evil darkness.

In the kingdom of God on earth, knowing God’s purpose for our individual life enables a godly student to connect with that which is needed to become the fullness of the call or purpose of God for his or her life on earth.   

MOTIVATION is the reason to move toward a perceived goal or end.

A God-inspired person may see or experience a sense of need or desire for something to alleviate a need or an adversity for someone or some group of people on earth. Prayer about the need may lead to a creative and/or productive idea to help meet that need from God.

Seeing a possible solution leads to motivation to get up and seek to build or create or change something to help meet the need.

All EDUCATION, BUSINESS or MINISTRY in the kingdom of God is a part of this process of meeting human need and the needs of the world around us.

IMPLEMENTATION is the skill or knowledge of how to make, craft, or assemble that which is needed to do the actual or practical work of doing a job required to meet a need. These are practical technical or mechanical skills that are often best learned and taught by hands-on experience as an apprentice observing a mentor.

In the design of God, individuals will possess natural gifting or tendency and characteristics that will assist in acquiring the specific skill needed for the work or project at hand.

INNOVATION will, after learning the existing practices, then lead to improvements in the process or the product. God-inspired new ideas will lead to ingenious inventions that improve the process and/or the product.


As the world is purged and cleansed in preparation to receive the greater fullness of the kingdom of heaven on earth, the systems of religion, education and many other areas of life will be changed into the plans of God.

Spirit revelation through a close relationship with God in Jesus by the Holy Spirit is our only means of understanding some of the world-altering occurrences, especially the sudden removal of people and things that were familiar and perhaps close to us.

God may or may not reveal the understanding of the situation or occurrence to us. Our part is to love and trust God knowing that God always loves us and His world and is not willing that any should perish. He will always do that which is best for His people and His world in the long-range from His knowledge of all things.

It is always man’s decisions that allow death and destruction in this world. It is the freewill choice of mankind to not love God or to love God.

Falling in love with God produces obedience or alignment with the kingdom of God on earth. Not loving God produces disobedience or sin and death.

As you and I seek first the kingdom of God and His righteous way of being and doing, God will speak to each of us and may plant seeds of new kingdom ways of doing the things that we do on earth. Be open to innovative new ideas, thoughts and ways from God.


Righteous judgment for the child of God is a joyful and rewarding thing. Those in love with God will walk in alignment with the perfect will and plan of God. Love produces a passionate desire to be one with God. He in us and us in Him in passionate love and perfect union forever.

Obedience does not produce love! LOVE PRODUCES OBEDIENCE!

Striving to become obedient is a work of self or flesh that is doomed to failure.

Falling in love with God immediately changes the structure of our world. All priorities and esteemed values of our hearts for all things are shifted almost instantly into the order of God’s design.

However, the mind may take a bit longer to be renewed from aligning with the desires of the flesh to coming into alignment with the new priorities and values of the love of God.

Rejoice and again I say Rejoice.

The day of His Glory is upon us.

Ron McGatlin

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