The heart of a father

“My son, don’t forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commands;” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:1‬

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Establishing PRAYER ALTARS this coming year

by Wanda Alger

Through our prayers we can shift the atmosphere over our homes, our cities, and our nation. Our corporate agreement in declaring God’s Word has power in the Spirit to change hearts, save lives, and establish Kingdom realities. But if we want our collective voice to have governing authority in the spirit, the Church must first establish itself as a house of prayer.


. . . My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations . . . (Mark 11:17).

Though it may look different from “house” to “house,” our role as a priesthood of believers is to establish a place of God’s presence. In 1 Peter 2:9 (KJV), we are called “. . . a chosen generation, a royal priesthood . . . .” This is part of our function as representatives of His Kingdom on the earth—to be ministers in the house of the Lord. We become witnesses to His presence and power as we minister before Him where we’ve been planted. Continue reading

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The power of local strategic prayer

By Eric Boerhout (Sverigebönen 24/7)

Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. Matthew 5:15 

For the past 3 years my family and friends have organised a Christmas celebration for the people in our little village in the countryside and the surrounding villages. We call the celebration: ‘Jul i Fagerhult’. Everyone is invited through personal contact or an invitation that we put in their mailbox. Continue reading

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“Vila”, War and Prayer-Rooms


Addressing the “Vila” (Swedish for resting) trend.  It’s a thing people seem to do in their “Prayer Rooms”.


“Vila” as far as I know, is a status from where we live, NOT an activity we do in our Pprayer Rooms! Resting we do in bed not as Watchmen on the walls!
Just ask the farmer; there is no reaping without sowing, no matter how hard we pray…

My original header was supposed to be Disturbed and Worried Continue reading

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by Wanda Alger

Every parent knows the desperation felt when a child is lost, wandering, or in crisis. Regardless of their age, when we see them heading towards destruction or in danger, we get on our knees and cry out for mercy on their behalf. Our fears of the worst are stirred and our imaginations can run wild.

For those interceding for this nation, the desperation is just as real. The rising tide of liberal leadership and anti-faith legislation is now at our front door. Ungodly laws being passed are threatening our safety and security and believers are seeing the spiritual battle as never before. A spirit of fear and terror is spreading across the land, and if we’re not careful, we will fall into its trap. Continue reading

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They are Flooding your Soul

With the devastating power of a Tsunami, the daily attempt of the media to attack and control your soul is enormous and evil.


Watching the intensity of the process concerning the midterm elections and the past nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, it’s scary to see the reaction of a generation, emotionally rewired and controlled by a violent ideology. The moment, totally unexpected (except by those who “saw”) a man took office in America who was not part of the then ruling society, hell broke loose and all was blamed on the man. Respected Christian leaders started to express concern and used their positions to speak out against. As much as it revealed the hearts and agendas of the politicians, in the same time it revealed, all over the world, the way we as Christians dictated God how to do His job and how to serve our agendas. Continue reading

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A Prayer for Restoration

Psalm 51
For the choir director. A Davidic psalm, when Nathan the prophet came to him after he had gone to Bathsheba. 2Sm 12:1
A Psalm for the month of October.
A Cry for a New Start!
On behalf of the City! On behalf of the Nation!
Picture by Derek Bruff
Be gracious to me, God, according to Your faithful love;
according to Your abundant compassion, blot out my rebellion.
Wash away my guilt and cleanse me from my sin.
For I am conscious of my rebellion, and my sin is always before me.
Against You — You alone — I have sinned and done this evil in Your sight.
So You are right when You pass sentence;
You are blameless when You judge.

Continue reading

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Let’s Be Real…

So, the city is taken, just because you demonised the watchmen on the wall. While they saw, reported, saw again and keep reporting, you refused to listen and instead called them names!
So, now the city is taken, what do we do to restore safety in the city?
Isaiah 28:6 “…a spirit of justice to the one who sits in judgment, and strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.”
Jus know that God will give back strength to those that turn the battle at the gates.

Now this is what we do as Christians, we always find a way to work all things for good…

Continue reading

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I felt to release this word over the intercessors today. All week long I have had a burning in my spirit for you as the Holy Spirit has been awakening my own desire to increase in my intercession, but also to call forth the intercessors that have become weary on the battlefield. I keep hearing this decree like a mighty thunderous shout that is resounding from heaven, “Intercessors, you are being called back to the frontlines.” I released this word at our church on Sunday and as I did, I saw a vision of intercessors in chains. I saw that minor distractions had been sent their way in an effort to engage them in insignificant battles. These distractions and trivial battles had led them to engage in the wrong fight relentlessly until they were exhausted. I saw them fall to the ground in a worn-out heap and I heard their unified sorrow as they cried, “we give up, we can’t keep fighting like this.” I then saw the enemy move in stealthily and chained their hands and feet and covered their mouths, he had planned to restrict their movement all along so they would be no longer free to engage in the real battle at hand. I then heard the Fathers roaring decree, “BREAK THE CHAINS in the Name of JESUS!” I saw angels of fire released from heaven at that moment and they flew at the speed of light, they came like blazing torches and they aided the intercessors by breaking their chains and helping them to stand with strength. In Cindy Jacobs book, ‘Possessing the gates of the enemy’, she writes, ‘in a time of war, it is the generals who make the battle plans.’ I believe the enemy has been targeting the intercessors in this hour in an attempt to disorientate, disunite and disengage them from the battle in order to prevent them from making strategic battle plans for the army of God. Continue reading

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Sounding the Alarm

The relevance of our “Sound”
While this nation is debating and complaining the “prayer call” of the Mosques in the nation, the church is awful silence concerning their real call!
As Zen Buddhists release their sound with deep understanding how to take captive of the spiritual atmosphere, today Världen Idag released another proof of the fact that other religions understand “Sound” better that we, the Christians do! In his testimony, a former Muslim gave deep insight in the strategy of the “Call of Prayer” made from there “high places”: When the Muslim Prayer call sounded over the city, it means that “we have taken this city”, says Saeede Berisha who grew up in a Muslim family in the Balkans. Continue reading

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Det som gömmer sig i snö kommer fram i tö!

Often the nation of Sweden has been prophesied over as “The Frozen Chosen”!


As we had this wonderful walk this morning with the family, the saying came up: “Det som gömmer sig i snö kommer fram i tö!”, meaning that what is hidden by the snow, will be revealed through the thaw! It landed right away in my spirit and it caused me to write.

The nation or at least our part of it is totally covered still by a beautiful white blanket of snow. I often thought about what I probably forgot to clean up before the season of snow entered but realised that one day it will show up again. Continue reading

Prayer to Establish God’s New Foundation

Prayers by Dale Shannon

Lord, I ask You to build Your godly structure in my life, family, and ministry built upon love, faith and hope, and to tear down ungodly structures built on selfishness, pride, and selfish ambition.

Lord, I repent and renounce for myself and my ancestors for building ungodly structures based on man’s agenda, pride, honor, fame, self centeredness, Continue reading

Covenant, Fire, Sacrifice, Altar


It’s those words that keep you busy, focussed even and especially dedicated to the things that are happening in these days.

From my early conversion the word COVENANT was highlighted in my spirit. I remember that I made this drawing with the words NEW COVENANT Continue reading

God is Raising Up Power Intercessors

By Jennifer LeClaire

Prophecy: Look for the Rise of Power Intercessors

You’ve heard of power evangelists—and you know that intercession paves the way for successful propagation of the gospel. Look for the rise of power intercessors.

When I was in Knoxville recently, the Lord began to talk to me about power gifts in the five-fold. We hear so much about power evangelists, but the Lord wants His miracle-working power to rest on every believer.

In this next great move of God, we’ll see power apostles, power prophets, power pastors, power evangelists, power teachers—and power believers. When we earnestly desire spiritual gifts as Paul said, we’ll see signs and wonders following us. Power is for those who press in to God’s heart of compassion to see souls saved, healed and delivered.

Continue reading

While We Pray

So it started this week! 40 Days of Continued Prayer, connected through the beauty of Internet!

I remember reading this book (gave the book away and forgot the title), where the author took some profound examples of worldly initiatives designed to rule and conquer but which turned out to be the turning point for a nation, a continent or even for mankind. The reason for his writing was mainly his concern about the fact that (in those days) we so easily condemned the invention of internet and call(ed) it sometimes even a distraction from the devil as it of course is used for that very reason and even to control the mindset of generations. Pornography is just one example of where it can lead men and women into darkness.
But, as we all declare that God can work all thing for the good, so it was the author’s focus in pointing out the examples that I gladly want to share. Continue reading

And the Devil smiled

By Todd Starnes
(Note: This is a transcript of the Todd Starnes Commentary broadcast nationally on Feb. 15, 2018)

Another American high school has been turned into a killing field. And the nation wonders why.
Well, I’m going to answer that question for you. And the answer may leave you a bit unsettled.
You see – I believe there is a God — but I also believe there is a Devil. Continue reading

2018: Defining Momentum for Sweden

When we live from the 24/7 demand of our function as Intercessors and Watchmen, we don’t just win little battles. We win the War!

Defining Momentum 2018

Just for the record dear Intercessors from/for Sweden:

The Coming election may NOT be about getting a Christian Party into Government…

It’s about the decision to FREE Sweden from the long term violent fact that a destructive (socialistic) agenda has ruled the nation. It’s about the choice of getting back the authority to the only rightful entity of creation which is the Family Unit. It’s also about redeeming the generations Continue reading

(Dis)Connecting the Generations


I stood there and could only softly cry while making the picture. A generational connection, a recognizing and embracing proclamation of honor and insight where “the old” blessed “the young” in a nation that can be defined as fatherless.

It was so much more than “praying a blessing” over their initiative as all in me, every part of my “father heart” jumped up, shouted out (silently), knowing that this was significant, as small as it seemed to be. This was a slap in the face of demonic forces, a turning point for a whole nation and yes, it was in “the City” in the heart of where the violent laws rule the nation and transformed the beauty of generational thinking.  Continue reading

Light The Fire

Although neglected by the News doesn’t mean that nothing is happening!

What a sad conclusion as we all see that the only true reality for the generation arising is the way it is digitally shown. The presence of news in our Social Media circles create reality and moves the people. In a way of course it makes us deeply depended and with it it became a manipulative instrument in the hands of cruel agendas.
No matter what we do to match up with the absence through posting the good news (which we have to keep doing), there is no way we can override the excessive noise that is being produced and echoed! Continue reading

Elden ska alltid hållas brinnande på altaret. Den får inte slockna.

Bönekrönika · Publiced 16:01, 21 jun 2017 in VärldenIdag by Patrik Sandberg

Det är inte fegt att be – det är det enda sättet att få kontakt med verkligheten (Oswald Chambers).

Lär känna Gud denna sommar! Ett av Guds namn är El Elyon, ”Gud den högste”. “Och Melkisedek, kungen i Salem, lät bära ut bröd och vin. Han var präst åt Gud den Högste[El Elyon]” (1 Mos 14:18).

Du är som troende en präst och konung enligt Skriften. Du är hans barn i en kunglig generation. Du har fått kraft, visdom och kärlek att ge vidare. Tänk att få komma inför Gud ”den högste”, El Elyon, varje dag och söka honom i bön. I din prästroll finns en huvuduppgift: ”Men elden på altaret ska hållas brinnande och får inte slockna. Varje morgon ska prästen där antända ny ved, och ovanpå veden ska han lägga brännoffret …” (3 Mos 6:12-13). Elden ska alltid hållas brinnande på altaret. Den får inte slockna. Kan du se dig själv på morgonen söka honom och få elden att börja brinna i ditt liv – och att kallelsen kommer tillbaka.

Vi lever i tider i vårt land som liknar Domarboken 5.Varför satt du kvar bland dina fållor och lyssnade till flöjtspel vid hjordarna? Bland Rubens ätter fördes stora överläggningar. Gilead stannade på andra sidan Jordan. Och Dan, varför dröjde han ännu vid skeppen? Aser satt kvar vid havets strand, vid sina vikar stannade han” Här finns det många ursäkter, man hade fastnat i det ena och det andra. Man hade överläggningar men saknade liv. Men Sebulon var ett folk som föraktade döden, Naftali likaså, på stridsfältets höjder. Det finns strider du ska utkämpa i det andliga denna sommar. ”I Samgars dagar, Anats sons, i Jaels dagar låg vägarna öde. Vandrarna måste färdas omvägar. Ingen ledare fanns, ingen fanns i Israel förrän jag, Debora, trädde fram, trädde fram som en moder i Israel.” Man valde åt sig nya gudar – då nådde striden fram till portarna. Men varken sköld eller spjut fanns att se hos de fyrtiotusen i Israel. Då drog Herrens folk ner till portarna. Vakna, vakna, Debora! Vakna, vakna, sjung din sång! Stå upp Barak!

Här ser vi att Debora säger: Jag trädde fram som en moder! Vi behöver många av den kalibern nu. Baraks-personer som står upp där man tidigare hade suttit ner. Jag tror att vi behöver be böner om att nya och gamla ledare kliver fram. Det gäller också dig och mig. Av rädsla fick man gå omvägar runt många områden, precis som i Sverige i dag. Kampen stod i städernas portar.

Tre personer visar oss vägen: David, Gideon och Daniel – alla byggde de bönealtare.

1. ”Så köpte David tröskplatsen och boskapen för femtio siklar silver. Och David byggde där ett altare åt Herren och offrade brännoffer och gemenskapsoffer. Och Herren hörde bönerna för landet, och plågan avvärjdes från Israel.”

2. Många skrivelser görs för att hota kristna värderingar i vår tid. ”Så snart Daniel fick veta att skrivelsen var uppsatt, gick han in i sitt hus där han i sin övre sal hade fönster öppna i riktning mot Jerusalem. Där föll han ner på sina knän tre gånger om dagen, bad och tackade sin Gud, så som han tidigare hade brukat göra.”

3. När Gideon fick möta ”Herren är frid” (Shalom), då byggde han ett bönealtare.

“Då byggde Gideon ett altare där åt Herren och kallade det Herren är frid.”

Elden från den brinnande olivoljan lyste upp hela huset. Denna sommar brinner en eld från Herren i Sverige (Jes 11:2). Låt den aldrig slockna. Jag uppmuntrar dig att från med nu och fram till sista augusti boka upp dig på 24/7 bön på www.light­ Boka upp bönetimmar för Sverige. Det är en särskild styrka när man bokar upp och lovar be en viss tid, så att dygnet runt någon ber och håller elden vid liv.

Vi ber:
Att flera bygger upp, faller ner, träder fram inför El Elyon, Gud den Högste.
Att tusentals böneplatser reses upp under hela sommaren.
Boka på: www.light­
Att Guds rike ska komma med rättfärdighet, frid och glädje i familjer och individer.



A Word for my Generation

“This is the declaration of the Lord to my Lord: “Sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies Your footstool.” The Lord will extend Your mighty scepter from Zion. Rule over Your surrounding enemies.” Psalms 110:1-2 HCSB

Do we really understand the significance of the time we live in? Do we realize the seriousness of the battle that is raging over the earth!
Darkness is fighting furious for the position it received from those who are supposed to be the Light, while there is a generation arising carrying the anointing of the “Priestly King” described in Psalm 110. The generation that “rests in His presenceContinue reading