The heart of a father

“My son, don’t forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commands;” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:1‬

The Church, Abortion and Future Generations!

Today I felt to write on the delicate subject of Abortion!

Youtube will show us the many clips about how awful the practice of this huge multimillion activity daily is. The saddest thing of course is the fact that they easily, without bad conscious can defend it for the sake of Free-Choice, and wellness for the mother.

Well, I am not going to get there since I know God will judge the nation and in fact is judging them heavily! No, this post is not about them but about us. Continue reading

What The Enemy is After

Today I felt the urge to publish this article for the third time. The Strategy of the Devil is increasing as he knows he is running out of time. More than ever, there is an growing wisdom and revelation in the body of Christ, a discernment on the tactics God wants to provide us in taking back what the enemy has stolen. The article by Ray Hughes is as relevant today as it was when he wrote it for the first time!

Historically Israel’s enemies had many things in common, including the fact that they were all idolaters. They worshipped gods other than the one true God. The Philistines, the Amalakites, the Moabites and all the other “ites” were people created by God but motivated to fulfill the purposes of Satan against Israel. Generation after generation, every enemy was after the same things.

Here are the five common motives for their attacks on Israel:
1. Land,
2. Destiny,
3. Generational Covenant,
4. Worship,
5. Harvest. Continue reading

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Leading them out…

About Moses and Egypt,
About Joshua and Promised Land,
About perception of time, place and vision,
About the lack of identity and dreams. Continue reading

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Songs of Ascents (5) – Sound of the Day

Psalm 124

The Lord Is on Our Side

A Davidic song of ascents.

If the Lord had not been on our side—
let Israel say—
If the Lord had not been on our side
when men attacked us,

when men attacked us

then they would have swallowed us alive
in their burning anger against us.

in their burning anger against us

Then the waters would have engulfed us;
the torrent would have swept over us;
the raging waters would have swept over us.

Praise the Lord,
who has not let us be ripped apart by their teeth.
We have escaped like a bird from the hunter’s net;
the net is torn, and we have escaped.

the net is torn, and we have escaped

Our help is in the name of Yahweh,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

In the midst of the turmoil of this world, where the tide is turning and “the burning anger” becomes more visible everyday, the Songs of The Ascents is like a Sound of the Day!

For me, the greatest truth in these Psalms is that in no way, David and his people become a victims!
Each one of these Psalms are about analysing their reality, reviewing their identity and moving forward to their Destiny!