The heart of a father

“My son, don’t forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commands;” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:1‬

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Fatherhood and Answers

Fatherhood does not give the answers, but it carries the question, so it can rest, develop and come to existence!

If you ever wonder why there comes no (direct) answers from The Father on your questions, be sure that He carries that question (as a womb), so it can rest, develop and come to existence!

Reading the Word from this perspective helps you to get a better view on how God relates to his people, how He deals with the intense questions they brought up and how He spoke out trust through His silence!

In the same time you can understand that we grew so far from this mature attitude as we are only looking for a God that gives straight answers and if not… we look for leaders who we call fathers!

Isaiah 3:5-7 HCSB “The people will oppress one another, man against man, neighbour against neighbour; the youth will act arrogantly toward the elder, and the worthless toward the honourable. A man will even seize his brother in his father’s house, saying: “You have a cloak — you be our leader! This heap of rubble will be under your control.” On that day he will cry out, saying: “I’m not a healer. I don’t even have food or clothing in my house. Don’t make me the leader of the people! ””

You have a cloak, a mantle, be our leader, perform the answers, get the word and preach the truth, give us the answers so we don’t have to wait! Immature reactions, because of a fleeing from responsibility and with it never being able to bring forth the answers as the questions rest in Him!

Isaiah 30:15 This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.

The source of richness as a well created in each one of us, that is able to bring forth wisdom will be an everlasting treasure of answers that will lead you on the road ahead and it will only come to existence when we live from the rest, quietness and trust, Isaiah is talking about!

When Father challenges you to go deep and trust fully, because He knows what He has stored deep in our spirit, I hope you will take that challenge and rest in it!

There is so much to say about this all, but I trust you got the point as the question itself reveals the heart!

I wrote this blog long time ago and it suddenly came to mind as I spoke with a friend on the status of life these days and the fight of a generation to survive. BLM, Identity politics, Sweden, Church… What more can I add!

Cover the fathers so they can go farther!

by Lana Vawser


Over the past few weeks the Lord has been highlighting “fathers” to me, and I wasn’t exactly sure why. Today as I was spending time with the Lord I felt the Lord give me clarity on what He was saying.
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Our Dwelling Moment

Sharing a report I wrote about a wonderful breakfast we had some weeks ago with eight man from totally different backgrounds…

Our Dwelling Moment

See how good and how pleasant it is… 

Just now, sitting behind my desk, I needed to recap the beauty of the moment.

Eight man; friends, family even and also brothers in Christ gathering around the table and having a breakfast.
The environment: A beautiful old Barn in the middle of the Woods. A barn that is IN THE PROCESS of being rebuild into a CAFE, a Christian environment for people to spend some time “outside the city”! Continue reading

Dear beautiful Jönköping,

As this past Saturday they marched your streets with the cry to be loved the way they are, my cry, standing at the sides of the parade was about the lack of knowing the god-given identity, not just from the subject of the march but from all participants!!

Nothing in me condemned, not even was offended as they gathered in “unity” to tell the city that it is about accepting, that it was all about love!
It its so easy to come up with the reports, the statements, the bible verses but I know it does not make sense! Oh yes, I agreed with that brave old man that stood there with the sign that said: Man + Woman = Child (if we are lucky of course), Continue reading

10 Things One GrandDad Wishes Every Dad Knew



Listen my son to a father’s instruction; pay attention and gain understanding.
(Prov. 4:1)

Forty-five years ago I became a father for the first time. At age 22 I was as green and wet behind the ears as you can get when it came to being a father. I didn’t know much but I was foolish enough to believe I could pretty much figure it out on my own. I wish I had known what I know now, and really sought the wisdom and counsel of my Dad and other godly men more often. After all, my Da and Mom raised six kids. I think they might have known a thing or two about parenting.

But the sad truth is that I almost never went to my Dad and asked his advise, and that was a mistake. So, now as a grandfather, I am going to take it upon myself to say what my father probably wishes he could have said. So, grandfathers, maybe you can find a way to share this post with your sons or sons-in-law and invite their feedback. If you’re a young dad, I hope you put these ten things into practice for your sake and your family’s sake.

So, here goes…


  1. You matter a lot in your child’s life. Don’t check out. Being at home is not the same as being engaged. Your kids need you to connect with them and be part of their world.
  2. Figure out what’s really important—and then make it so. Check your heart; what are your idols? If you want to truly love your children (and wife), make sure you love God/Christ above all. Don’t settle for being nothing more than a fan of Jesus. Be a real follower!
  3. Don’t do the parenting thing on your own. Parenting is not supposed to be one-generational. Your parents may not be perfect, but they do have something to contribute. Build a partnership and ask for their advice—often. And remember to seek out the wisdom of other godly fathers. While I don’t subscribe to all the underlying implications sometimes associated with the statement, “It’s takes a village to raise children,” I do believe that God intended that kids are most effectively raised by more than the nuclear family. It’s a multi-generational process.
  4. Every child needs a father’s blessing. Closely guard what comes out of your mouth. Cultivate an environment of blessing, not cursing, and make sure you speak blessing often. Download my Blessing Kit to learn how to build a tradition of spoken blessing in your home. Take the bull by the horns, be a man, and lead the way!
  5. Make sure you are building a legacy worth outliving you. Don’t allow yourself to become a barn builder consumed with bigger and more stuff. Your career success and a lavish lifestyle are not what really matter to your kids…or your wife. If you don’t believe me, sit down and ask them.
  6. Take tough-love discipline seriously. Tough discipline is not abuse, but make sure it’s not! Discipline is a true act of love, and it can be hard. The Bible says that even God disciplines those He loves. It also says that a man who “spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him” (Prov. 13:24). “Discipline your son,” Proverbs 19:18 says, “for in that there is hope; do not be a willing party to his death.”
  7. You are not your kids’ BFF. You are their parent, so act like one. This means sometimes you have to step up to the plate and do some hard things, like setting reasonable boundaries and enforcing them. Make sure you and your wife are on the same page or your kids will pay the price. Boundaries are part of the disciplinary process, so don’t throw them out there if you don’t intend to enforce them. It can never be about what’s comfortable for you. It’s what is good for your children.
  1. Your kids need to see how a man ought to treat a woman by the way you treat your wife. Ask yourself: Is the way I treat my wife how I would want my daughter treated by another man? Is it the way I would want my son to treat another woman? Set the example for both your sons and daughters. And by the way… never ever allow your children (especially your sons) to disrespect their mother!
  2. Take seriously your responsibility to prepare your children for adulthood. It’s your job to disciple them, not the church’s. Somebody is teaching your kids. Make sure it’s you! Enlist the help of your parents in this process even if it was never part of your upbringing. Encourage them to be involved. They are a vital piece for helping you succeed as a parent in raising your children to become mature, responsible, and godly adults.
  3. The priority of praying for your kids must never be doubted. Create your own war room where you can pray and intercede on their behalf. And be sure to spend time with your wife praying for your kids. Enlist their grandparents to do the same. We have Scriptures to Pray cards that can help you in this. Pick up a copy of Mark Batterson’s little book, Praying Circles Around Your Children and go through it together.

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Gatekeepers pay attention!

A lot of the conversations these days has been about our personal responsibility and the functions that reflect it. Gatekeepers, watchmen, fatherhood, motherhood, church, platform, raising your children, words that come up when the church is shifting from a ‘platform performance’ into the maturing/edifying Body of Christ. No longer the ‘one-man show’ but taking back the responsibility that comes with the function! Continue reading

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Nehemiah’s Concern

I wrote the header of this block some days ago and never finished as the title dropped in my spirit by seeing the efforts of so many beautiful young churches. Nehemiah was a man with an overview insight and a sensitive heart, which is a rare but essential combination. He saw the building efforts, heard about the situation of his people and directly reacted with the gift that was given to him: a strategic builder, submitted to the heart of God.

The need of a safe environment when a ‘city’ is in constant danger through the attacks of a persistant enemy!

Today I was rereading a mail by a young friend who googled on Gates, walls and watchmen as he was sending me this graet link. I believe it are the right words that I can add to the “Nehemiah’s concern” impression! Continue reading

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The Synergy of the Generations

If the Church hopes to be relevant and meet the needs of the twenty-first century and beyond, it must be willing to undergo a paradigm shift. The Elijah to Elisha Revolution confronts the status quo by challenging the Church to reexamine many of its assumptions. One of these assumptions is what could be called the “quick escape mentality.” Continue reading

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To get rid of this Monster

Releasing some random thoughts today.

For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there among them.” (‭Matthew‬ ‭18‬:‭20‬ HCSB)

So it is about ‘togethering’ (I know, not a word), His name and at least more then me, where He suddenly makes it many, like the mathematics of: 2 fish + 5 bread + Jesus = thousands!
So my conclusion is then: you + me + Jesus = gathering! And when we add Spirit, it is invisible connected to the thousands, even the millions. Continue reading

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Leading them out…

About Moses and Egypt,
About Joshua and Promised Land,
About perception of time, place and vision,
About the lack of identity and dreams. Continue reading

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Teacher vs. Father

By Joshua Horak

For though you have countless guides [teachers] in Christ, you do not have many fathers. For I became your father in Christ Jesus through the gospel.” (1 Corinthians 4:15, ESV)

It was my 13th birthday. Tragedy struck. My parents announced to my sister and I that they were getting a divorce. My father was removed from my home.

Despite this tragedy, Father God remained faithful to me throughout my youth and into adulthood by giving me a handful of spiritual father’s. Now that I am both a natural and spiritual father, I recognize that as His Grace. Because of the divorce, I should have been a statistic. However, God altered this probability by ‘fathering’ me through the skin of godly men who chose to invest time in me and love me despite my weaknesses and failures. Continue reading

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The Poem of a Daughter



Thank you for always giving me more than enough,
for always giving the last of what you had, even when times were rough.
Thank you for telling me “You are not pitiful”,
that at times when I was crying my heart out, you told me that was beautiful.
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Restoring Fathers, Families, Sons and Daughters!

By M. John Cava

“Families broken or separated: “And the Lord God called unto Adam, Where are you? . . . and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself. . . . /O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom! Would to God I had died for thee . . .   /And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father  . . . And he saw him no more . . . “ (Genesis 3:9-10; 2 Samuel 18:33; 2 Kings 2:12 (KJV)

“And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers … lest I send a curse” Mal 4:6 (KJV)

I miss my Dad. Through most of my life he was both emotionally disconnected and physically not there for me. If affected me. Continue reading

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This Generational Faith

Deuteronomy 6:4-9: Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.


As I wrote in my last blog, a wonderful awareness of responsibility is arising Continue reading

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Songs of Ascents (9) – Fearing God

Psalm 128

Blessings for Those Who Fear God

A song of ascents.

How happy is everyone who fears the Lord,
who walks in His ways!
You will surely eat
what your hands have worked for.
You will be happy,
and it will go well for you.
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine
within your house,
your sons, like young olive trees
around your table.
In this very way
the man who fears the Lord
will be blessed.

Continue reading

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Aspects of the Prophetic Office – Fatherhood

By Lars Widerberg

And Elijah went up by a windstorm to heaven. And Elisha saw it and cried out: ”My father, my father, the chariot of Israel and its horsemen.” 2 Kings 2:11-12.

Prophets sent by God are sent forth into the world, heavenly commissioned to represent and reflect the fatherheart of God. A prophet’s mandate lies in his willingness and eagerness to reflect and personify the fatherhood of God Almighty. Prophetic ministry stands for the principle of fatherhood. Prophets personify the identity of the God they serve.

Prophets, their stature and dignity, is recognised by the peculiar people which is marked by a desire for true spiritual growth. The twice-born are made able to discern the shepherd’s voice and to reject any counterfeit. Growth unto maturity, becoming a man, is by all means a matter of fatherhood.

Elisha was taught the most difficult lesson on earth to be learned, trusting the future into the hands of the only true Father amidst the loss of the object of identification -an earthly father. The mixed and doubleminded multitude of vanity prophets are never able to produce the fruit of true fatherhood, which is hope for the future, through their voluminous and at times deceptively accurate predictions and forecasts.

When Elisha became sick with the illness of which he was to die, Joash the king of Israel came down to him and wept over him and said: ”My father, my father, the chariots of Israel and its horsemen!” 2 Kings 13:14.

Prophets are recognised as fathers, as trustworthy, protecting father-figures even by kings and men in authority positions. Fathers are welcomed into action on the arena of governing by men whose desire is to see dignity to be restored. Dignity restored – salvation – is a matter of fatherhood. Becoming what one was meant to become requires fatherhood, both on personal level and on national. National identity and safety is a matter of fatherhood, of a reliable source, of solid origin and of sound belonging. Prophets are men of the Covenant, who understand the principles of covenanting which rules and regulates any social structure.

Fatherhood is basically and foundationally the ability to provide covering. The key elements constituting fatherhood are protection, peace and provision. What man is, he is according to his strength and according to his source of strength. What a prophet is, he is according to his ability to establish peace and bring protection.

A true fatherheart is much weaker and vulnerable than a weakling’s and it is much stronger and than any manifestation of an antichrist. A prophet’s heart never bows to emotionalism or sensationalism. Prophets cry salty tears. Prophets stand and stand still when common trend tries to get the crowd to bow down, fall down and to stray.

The prophetic voice, echoing the fatherheart, invites to and offers rest – Hebrews, chapters 3 and 4. The prophetic voice calls any and every ear to return to true listening. The prophetic voice directs any and every heart back to its purpose of existence – restful worship. The prophetic voice has to be as sharp as the best sword to bring about a turning back to the Father.
Prophets are sent to establish obedience. But most voices pretending to be prophetic causes the people of God to run about like wild horses, run away from proper protocol and intended route as if whipped and pinched by the ugliest demon.

Prophetic presence brings peace and obedience. Prophetic presence brings purpose and direction, quite contrary to the show at the Ephesian theatre – confusion, many voices shouting, the majority not knowing for what cause and under what banner they had gathered, Acts 19:29-32. Prophets bring peace and calm the crowd. Prophets never involve themselves in ”prophetic prayer warfare”, instructed by, and adapting methods, mode and mood belonging to, the enemy they want to conquer.

The great falling away, the final apostasy of the end times is caused by the absence of genuine fatherhood, by the lack of true prophetic ministry. A major mark of the great falling away is the crowds of prophets in the Church ready and able to deceive the many, Matt 24:11, 24.

Samuel provides a pattern for the true prophetic office: ”Far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by ceasing to pray for you,” 1 Sam 12:23, ”but I will instruct you in the good and right way” He prayed like a father and he had a father’s courage to stir a little unrest – conscience touched – for the sake of returning to true rest. The presence of God, the Father, causes fear and trembling. God is awesome. One dares to follow the crowd these days on its way into apostasy because no voice is to be heard on the subject of veracity and obedience.

Fatherhood brings rest. Fatherhood teaches waiting. Prophets are watchmen. ”I will stand on my guard post, and station myself on the rampart”. ”Though the vision, the fulfilment of it tarries, wait for it.” Haggai 2:1, 3. Fatherhood teaches the art of waiting on God. Prophets are men of the Covenant and God has made a covenant with time for the sake of finally reaching goals which seems to have been lost. He is able to redeem time for the sake of catching up in situations where so much has been wasted. Fatherhood goes against the modus operandi of this present age. Instant and overwhelming results are requested. Instant and thrilling experiences are demanded. Fathers never heal the brokenness of the people superficially, saying peace, peace without any tie to the spiritual reality behind the word.

Sheep recognise the shepherd. A child recognises its father. Sheep, twice-born men and women, recognise the Holy Spirit who gave them life. Sheep practice discernment – the mixed multitude following any vanity prophet digs into any stew pot just like their brother Esau. Flip the coin – true shepherds and prophets divide between sheep and goats.

If you were to have countless tutors in Christ, yet you would not have many fathers, 1 Cor 4:15. Fathers give birth. Prophets give birth through prayer, Gal 4:19. Tutors, teachers, educators bring discipline according to outer patterns of behaviour. Prophets bring obedience through life. Some ”eminent” apostles build their own kingdoms and take others by force. True fatherhood give away any item owned just to save one single sheep. The ones always learning, yet never truly learning, prefer kingdombuilders. Sheep, on the other hand, like shepherds.

Fatherhood establishes ability to live. Fatherhood brings ability to cope. The Father qualifies us to share in the inheritance of the saints in the light, Col 1:12. Fatherhood strengthens any saint and son for the attaining of all steadfastness and patience, Col 1:11. Prophets speak practical instruction, not generalisations. Prophets who offer glorious descriptions of God’s new moves and outpourings without including any practical program for participation prophesies vanity. God is not religious, he is relevant. Spiritual growth towards manhood must be founded on a solid and sober work description.

Spiritual growth touches the emotional compartment of human existence, but spiritual growth is not an automatic inner evolvement into Christlikeness. It develops out of a full mobilisation of every sanctified human effort in close companionship with the instructor, the Holy Spirit. Love completely with all heart, all soul, all mind, all motivation an all strength, Mark 12:30. This experience towards a fully sanctified character cannot be transferred by a touch. Holiness cannot be transferred by any human vessel – it takes fatherhood to bring about development unto holiness.

Above all, fatherhood teaches the noble art of waiting on God. Waiting is the mark of a truly spiritual character. Waiting equals worship. Worship equals rest. Rest equals availability. Availability allows God to act as God Almighty. Availability does not take a passive stance – it is defined as uninterrupted active attention. Waiting brings obedience. Obedience, which is surrender at any cost, brings fruit in the form of God’s own presence. Obedience establishes the presence fatherhood just as fatherhood brings about obedience.

The prophetic office manifests in Covenant consciousness and waiting on God. The Covenant reality manifests in spiritual maturity. Fatherhood provides covering on Covenant basis. Tampering with the terms of the Covenant takes away the covering promised and guaranteed. Breaking the Covenant disrupts the protection. Cutting covenants besides the Covenant is a direct invitation to spiritual forces which pretend fatherhood to enter the scene.

What spiritual force blesses disobedience with all sorts of strange experiences allegedly purporting God’s presence? Who offers protection and emotional bliss to a Church that has left its Covenant obligations behind? Who is pretending to be benevolent father in a Church who has made a decision against obedience unto holiness? Is it possible to pretend spiritual experiences as if God is present, yet hiding the heart from a real touch of the Father? The prophetic answers to these questions are horrifying and would turn any sensible heart to intercession on behalf of the straying Church for the rest of its time on earth.

Men are God’s method. Dignity restored; character is God’s goal. Perfecting human character and manly virtue is God’s aim for the sake of Heaven on earth. Prophets are sent to the Church of our day – a Church who reflects the absence of Fatherhood. This present age is indeed antichristian in its character and inclination. It is a grand statement against fatherhood, brotherhood and friendship. It despises weakness. Its holds on to authority and bravado at the expense of love, humility and servanthood. Its attitude aims at rulership at the cost of dignity. The poor and needy pay the bill, as usual.

Man robbed of dignity becomes cruel and authoritarian. Man robbed of dignity tries to take any kingdom by force, even the Kingdom of God. Christians have to fight against many categories of principalities and powers, but they are never meant to be warriors – the warrior spirit contradicts humility. The most militant activity in the Kingdom of God is to allow oneself to fall into the ground, like a grain of wheat. The most militant virtue in the Kingdom is expressed in humility and at all points practiced by a 180-degree turnabout to reach out to friends and foes.

The spiritual dynamics of the Antichrist is caused by the absence of fatherhood. The core of the spiritual dynamics of the Antichrist is the denial of Fatherhood, 1 Joh 2:22. It is fully possible to ”confess Christ” motivated by antichristian prospects of gain, even to the point of concluding that gain is godliness. The prosperity prophet operates in the antichristian spirit of denial, yet reaching out for the benefits of the Gospel.

Prophets pray; fathers try to avoid the sin of prayelessness at any cost. Prophets put the confounder to shame by true modesty. A father brings in an alternative solution into the rat race for survival and prosperity. Fatherhood is ready to die. Fatherhood states: ”I do not have to survive, live and come out on top. I have a valid alternative. I can die. I can die, waiting on God, waiting for his intervention.”

An antichrist, a false prophet, a father denying genuine fatherhood lacks the ability to love and show affection. He is proud and stubborn. He does not take correction. He never listens, 1 John 4:6. He does not allow himself to partake, he never shares his heart. He cannot cry; he sulks in self-pity. He fights to have his own way. He plays a game of mutual recognition in which a true prophet always loses. His mentality is that of a Nordic Viking, a Mongolian warlord or a modern terrorist. Prayer warriors adopting such imagery and reaching out for such a spirit brings disaster to the House of Prayer.

The emotional mix produced when fatherhood is absent consists of anger, jealousy, scornfulness, strife and hatred. Spiritual retardation and the neglect of true duty are but two results. A pastor without a fatherheart lashes out at and beats up the sheep he cannot control.

Fatherhood expresses itself in terms of a Covenant. Fatherhood brings rest. Fathers protect and provide. Prophets generate and plant Covenant consciousness. Prophets can be trusted. Prophets do not need a track record or formal recognition. The reflection of the Fatherheart of God speaks louder and in a different language than does precise predictions. Prophets bring in a willingness to obey, and an eagerness to practice waiting and listening.

Prophets are fathers. Prophets are fathers for the young and inexperienced to look up to. Prophets are fathers who inspire and initiate a pursuit unto maturity and holiness. Prophets produce fatherhood. Their legacy is hope for the future. Sons are left with a rich and abundant inheritance from the prophets. Sons inherit the ability to handle life from a prophet.

Pursue the prophetic dimension for the sake of holiness. Pursue the prophetic dimension for the sake of the presence of the Lord. Pursue fatherhood for the sake dignity restored. Follow hard after the Lord. Learn the art of waiting on God. Do this for the sake of a common return to true worship.

Lars Widerberg


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Why Are My (Garden) Seeds Not Growing?

Have you ever wondered why your seeds failed to germinate properly? Seeding too deeply, planting in cold soil, extremes of watering, improper soil preparation, birds or squirrels and poor seed are the most common causes for seeds failing to germinate.
Probably one of the most disappointing things in gardening is to have prepared the soil and sown the seed, only to have a partial or complete failure of germination. Here are a few of the pitfalls you can overcome by seeding properly.
One of the major factors in seeds not sprouting properly is planting them too deeply. As a rule of thumb, no garden seed should be planted any deeper than three times the diameter of the seed you are sowing. In the case of some seeds, they should not be covered with soil at all. Therefore it’s very important that you read and follow directions on the seed packet. Generally, packet information will suggest proper planting times, locations, planting depth and proper spacing of the particular types of plants you are seeding.
seeds growing

So far the article I was reading to see what could be wrong in the garden…

I loved the surprising moment hitting of these profound words and I hope you have the same little smile on the right (or left) corner of your mouth as I noticed myself reading this revealing article. It goes on about the how and the why and the when of the problem of growing fruit in due season but… it helped me to get back (and deeper) to the Culture and Climate problem I have been addressing for the past few posts.

Let me say first that I am not, and please hear the out loud NOT, just speaking to an audience (distant from myself), addressing “church” issues! No, I am addressing and even finding answers to my own situation, my everyday around me issues in order to get hold on the things that seems have been there forever. We sing, talk and proclaim NEW almost everyday, we long for the NEW, the fresh, the fruitful and yet we still experience the things that grew from an atmosphere into a culture. The situation that mindsets (unwillingly) became a voice in the arguments and causes you to get so disappointed that you don’t even dare to touch the theme again. You find yourself avoiding subjects, creating answers that makes you craftily sailing around the cliffs.

A garden has a culture of its own and it is the climate that creates it. The wind, the rain, the humidity, the shadow and sun, the position, all issues that define a climate and with it, the garden “works” with it in it’s culture. Families can be or, let’s be honest, are like that. But what works for a garden is not meant to be for a social structure. Yes, there influences that define the nature of a social community, but other than “gardens” we are called to be in control, to subdue since the human “culture” is as much under the influence of The Fall as the gardens we create. Mainly the reason why Jesus was addressing those issues was, because of the fact that they limited the people to see and enter the Kingdom way, the “Culture of God”.

We are not supposed to create or maintain our own culture but to reflect the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven, which is by definition in contrast to the manmade rules and regulations.

This one confronting sentence at the end of the article made me so sad: If your seeds germinate and then the young seedlings wilt and die, the problem is likely to be… and they confront me with the responsibility of not dealing with the wrong culture before “trusting” the seeds to the soil.

The young seedlings wilt and die!” 
Wilt- plant, leaf of flowerbecome limp through heat, loss of water, or disease; droop.• person: lose energy, vigour, or confidence 

Most of the time we understand that we must be willing to change the garden culture because we get frustrated of the fact that our costly investments do not pay off, but when it is about the costly Seeds of the Word, invested through Death and Cross and Forsakenness, we are so ignorant and even unfaithful as Jesus would address it.

For the parents, the teachers, the (youth)pastors, let there not be the blame that we are ignorant of the Word and so, irresponsible with the Seed!

For the Sake of the New, let’s not spare the soil, the culture we created but ask the Lord what it would take to create a New Environment that will hold and multiply the Seed into the Fruits we have been praying for so strongly!

After all, what do we have to loose in a dying world!

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What can we learn from Jesus about raising kids?

Struggling with the issue of culture and habits in the way we raise our children, being a “stranger” in an other culture, easily makes things the clash between different cultures. That’s why I love this blog on raising it above our culture into His Culture!

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Sunday School

What can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour once a week, and teaching only afraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?

It hit me hard, reading this essential truth, as it reflects perfectly my biggest concern these days according to the way we think we can do church! Just this week, addressing some serious issues in our church, people think it is about critic, negativity or even anti-church, but trust me, it is not. It is my cry to a people called to be the salt in a total polluted world. Salt that has lost its strength through the thinking that we can randomly change the heart of some with our voluntarily programs and our showing up every now and then we feel to!

The effort around us is a non-stop, aggresivly, pushing of the agenda of the anti-christ.

But so far for the scary and “negative” news!

The good news
Thanks to the worldly system that took and the prophetic voices that make parents, christians, aware of their vacum, their hunger, their emptyness, their love for the young generation, there is a rising amount of remnant that no longer keep silent and step up and speak. With the understanding of a violent environment, we call it what it is and we are aware of the fact that it needs a different approach, knowing that we will “hurt” the ignorant!

Yes there is a lot happening, there is healing and prophecy. There is potential and understanding of “the new”, but the difference is that we need to analyze where we are and what we need. If we don’t want to change our venue”, if we think that the way we did it all the time will do it in the time ahead we will lose it. If we think that the 1-hour-a-week can solve the problem, while the full-stop agenda of the humanistic system, backed up by the law is teaching them the truth, we are ignorant and inresponsible.

What them?
Our houses, our children, our influence is the only real solution. Being parents, being father and mother, being the salt to their life and in that being the only trustable source for your children!

This week I was with this dear brother, taking the guts to step out the sytem, to, for now, take the responsibility and have their worship time in the house and reading the word, sharing the Life. A father, a mother and three wonderful pure hearts of their children, making a journey surrounded by worry hearts, opposing opinions and accusing voices.
I specifically say: for now, because of course we need community, we need the fellowship of the brothers and sisters, we need the voice of “the church” and its teachers, prophets and apostles. For now, because the environment is not save, not bible prove, not ‘Life secure’ and than there is the need of a interim solution.
While we think “it will come” we wait and with it, this wonderful generation lacks the Word. While we take the effort to teach the christians who are supposed to be teachers by now, but still need the milk, we neglect the need of this arising generation.

Watching the beauty of a mother, breastfeeding her little one, I watch the closeness of mother and child and the satisfactory sound of the little one, drinking in the arms of safety. So natural, so obvious and in the same time so intense as it takes so much of the mother.
Bottles are so much easier… It can even be done by someone else! See? Got it?

I love the reports of the parents, hearing about them sitting with the Word, singing the songs, praying for each other and it are those reports that give me hope. Not the conferences, not the healing reports, not even the prophecies of our precious Danish brother Jens Garnfeldt who travels our nation now a days with some amazing words. Nothing wrong about it, but don’t be fooled by sitting and listening. It is about arising and doing, taking the battle back and restoring the authority in the house!

Dear friends, do not stumble on my words but get to the heart and leave the optional. I read the turmoil about words on the twitter: apostolic, prophetic, yes, no, warning… It hear the mind and miss the (father)heart. When there is heart there will be answers, real answers!

So, how about the one hour on Sunday-morning?


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About Steve Jobs, Nehemiah and Jesus…

Maybe not the best order as I put Steve first and definitely not to be misunderstood as my first affection…

Maybe better to see it as the one I want to address first and was with us physically the most recently.

Steve Jobs
Although it can be that the things we think can be learned from Steve Jobs are “wishful” skills we gladly add to him, the legacy he left us is still great and beyond virtual reality! I have been reading his biography by Walter Isaacson two time now as the first was a more scanning/reading, lately I tried it from a more detailed attempt. I am not going try to explain, analyse or even comment him as for me the only one thing stood out: a focussed man, determined to complete the job. Apple was not “his thing”, since when he even was fired from his baby, it showed that it was not about Apple! He declared, in a time of IBM and stupid terminal environments: One person, one computer! The freedom that he was pursuing was fuelled by a passion to use technology for the better of the individual.

As his surrounding was filled with distraction, money makers, good ideas, for him there was only one assignment and no one could keep him from fulfilling that passion. Yes, it made him into a hard-to-work-with-guy, he fed the brains of the physicians and wise guys as they analysed him till nothing was left of him but… he gave us “the thing”!

Steve’s attitude, not always appreciated by the people around him, was: I am on a mission! I know what my assignment is and just don’t distract me!


Praised through all ages as the man with the best visionary strategy and an example for many people, even secular business leaders, Nehemiah is the second person that inspires me daily and deeply!

The Book of Nehemiah can be seen, as it is by many, as a blueprint for restoration, from the passion, the vision to the approach! Being totally dedicated to his task, he saw that all the effort the priest Ezra was putting into the rebuilding of the temple did not make any sense until the safety of the city was guarantied by rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. He was compassionate by the need of a nation that was discouraged, tired, without any hope after working for years without a visible result. That’s where the man nehemiah came in as his apostolic heart was moved to the bones when they gave him the repport of the status of Jerusalem. Moved and determined from that moment on that the liberty, the freedom of the individual had to be guarantied by “surrounding them” with safety! The way he connected with the need, even made him to be “guilty” of it, knowing that there was lack of the quality that he has forsaken for so many years, just “serving the king”! Taking advantage of his position, firstly he restored his identity before being able to restore the identity of his people!

I can write so much on this but I really recommend you to read the book and find the beauty of it’s lessons for today. For me now it stand out that what connect him to Steve was his passion to accomplish that one thing that lacked! The attempts to distract him by the “Dalton Brothers”, Sanballat the Horonite, Tobiah the Ammonite official and Geshem the Arab, were at the end almost violent and at least very offending, accusing (Are you rebelling against the king?), trying to “work together” and even “praying together”!

Nehemiah’s attitude, not always appreciated by the people around him, was: I am on a mission! I know what my assignment is and just don’t distract me!


Only a few lines because there is no way these guys above can stand before Him because of the accomplishments, not even can we compare any of their effort to the thing He did and accomplish on behalf of our individual and with it corporate Freedom. He was in no way part of the society and therefor did not deserve “the blame and the shame” for what we did. As they wanted to make Him king, he refused every attempt to be elevated in “glory”, for the sake of the glory we were going to have!

Jesus’ approach, not always appreciated by the people around him, was: I am on a mission! I know what my assignment is and just don’t distract me!

Steve, in many ways standing out above the crowd, lived and was very much fuelled by anger, bitterness and that’s what caused the sometimes pride attitude that he was carrying.
Nehemiah took his job very seriously because he knew that he was part of the problem and therefor needed to be physically involved.
Jesus was moved by that fact alone that His father was grieved and saddened by the condition of His creation. His only reaction was: Father send me!

What can we learn from Steve Jobs and Nehemiah?

Bombarded by the “problems” in this world, the media is interfering our god-given assignment: making disciples of all nations. They know that we “cannot withdraw” from “the need in the world”!  The system is ok with us “taking care” of the needy. The only thing they don’t want us to do is building the condition for a generational safety by the way God shows us in The Word! We are people from the offspring of Jesus, with the assignment to bring His Kingdom, His justice, His conditions to the Earth.

Like Steve, Nehemiah and Jesus we need to be focused to, what ever the people around us try to make of us, accomplish the god-given assignment through the restoration of our god-given identity.

And that approach, not always appreciated by the people around us, is: We are on a mission! We know what our assignment is and just don’t distract us!