The heart of a father

“My son, don’t forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commands;” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:1‬

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And after all…

Was reflecting my first 10 years in my new homeland Sweden. Besides the fact that the language is still a bit of a struggle for me and the culture in many ways can be quite a struggle or better said a confrontation, it has been some amazing and challenging years.

Coming from a nation of communication, meeting and greeting, I had to except that other nations have other habits and qualities. Digging in the dirt of what confronted me, I found some amazing qualities of the people of this nation. Qualities that I began to like to the level of adapting and excepting. I love the people in many ways that learn to deal with seasons of extreme cold, darkness and lack of the fruits of the field. I understand the still strong effort to prepare the wood in spring and summer in order to be warm in the winter. Continue reading

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When the Lord has touched your Mouth…

To those that carry the New

It’s amazing how well received you are if you play along and help maintaining the Old, although carrying the New.

But the moment they realize you didn’t come to confirm the Old but to Declare the New, silence and rejection becomes your part.

It’s hard when the values of the Old become strongholds that resist the New.

Defending the Old as being the Now means that the Old will always be old and only becomes older.

In the same time, declaring the Old as being the Not is declaring your Tree doesn’t has Roots and your House doesn’t has a Foundation.

Very few realize that there is a progress involved when we understand the renewal of the Old by embracing and recognizing the New.

Thinking generational means thinking progression, legacy and infinity.

And remember, Old is not Wrong but… Old and of course, New is not per definition Good, but just… New.

Old only become Wrong when its refuses to understand that it’s a stepping stone to the next level.

Generations are not a part of a repeating itself system but with deep honor involved to the values that are brought by the Old, a progressive process of Restoration and Renewal.

When we become part of the “Behold I will do a New thing”, we become part of a Kingdom bigger Perspective. We become part of the Taking back what the enemy has stolen.

When you become the Voice of the Old by rejecting the New, you become the personification of what is supposed to be a process, not a person.

Now the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Then I said, “Ah, Lord God! Behold, I do not know how to speak, for I am only a youth.” But the Lord said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am only a youth’; for to all to whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever I command you, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you to deliver you, declares the Lord.” Then the Lord put out his hand and touched my mouth. And the Lord said to me, “Behold, I have put my words in your mouth. See, I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.“”

Jeremiah 1:4-10 ESV

…to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.

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The Restoration and Rise of Families!

By Katie Barker

“I am raising up families who will minister together. These families will be markers of all I will bring forth in My Body, for I desire to see spiritual mothers and fathers equipping and releasing those coming after them into the fullness of the destiny I have for them. I desire to see an honoring of the path pioneered by the previous generation. Unity will be the hallmark of these families and it will flow from a solid foundation of love and a firm standing on the truth of My Word. Watch for the rise of these families.”

I heard the Lord say, “I am restoring families and the key role of the family.One of the greatest ploys of the enemy has been the degradation of family, and with this has come a departure from the fullness I intended for My people. With this has come a departure from My ways. Many are walking with deep hurt and mistrust but I am coming to heal wounds and bring restoration.” Continue reading

Who Can I Send?

Destructive sounds have invaded the atmosphere and caused the world to give in to darkness and the demonic powers. Called to be the Light, the Word, the Provision, the Church has become silently irrelevant and therefore gave away, neglected the assignment and the calling of the Lord to go and make…

Complaining about “the darkness”, made us whiners, irrelevant voices ignoring the fact that we are The Voice, The Change, The Answer, as He told us to be and clothed us with all that was needed.

But… Continue reading

A Word for my Generation

“This is the declaration of the Lord to my Lord: “Sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies Your footstool.” The Lord will extend Your mighty scepter from Zion. Rule over Your surrounding enemies.” Psalms 110:1-2 HCSB

Do we really understand the significance of the time we live in? Do we realize the seriousness of the battle that is raging over the earth!
Darkness is fighting furious for the position it received from those who are supposed to be the Light, while there is a generation arising carrying the anointing of the “Priestly King” described in Psalm 110. The generation that “rests in His presenceContinue reading

A God of the Generations

Originally published under the title: A Double Door of Blessings by Glasgow Prophetic Centre

There is a double door of blessing which is open to you in the Spirit. God is saying to you today that He is releasing is a blessing for the ‘generations’; one not just for you but for the generations who are running by your side. For your are not just to fulfil your call but to take others by the hand and help them accomplish theirs.

Now is the time to think beyond your lifespan, to think legacy and to see your part to play in blessing and building into generations.

For the Lord says to you: “I have positioned those to your left and right which I have called you to run with and raise up. Those who are younger and older than you, for I am a God of the generations. I am calling you to pay attention and wake up to those I have set you in the midst of to run with. Look and see! The solutions I am giving you are not to be held just in your hands but across the generations. So take note of who these are – ask me to bring clarity as to who these ones are and I will surely do it.”

For the Lord is a God of the generations, He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His plan is for the generations, not just this moment of time you stand in. You have a part to play in God’s generational plan.

For the Lord is a God of the generations…

Then he said, “I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.” At this, Moses hid his face, because he was afraid to look at God. Exodus 3:6

What The Enemy is After

Today I felt the urge to publish this article for the third time. The Strategy of the Devil is increasing as he knows he is running out of time. More than ever, there is an growing wisdom and revelation in the body of Christ, a discernment on the tactics God wants to provide us in taking back what the enemy has stolen. The article by Ray Hughes is as relevant today as it was when he wrote it for the first time!

Historically Israel’s enemies had many things in common, including the fact that they were all idolaters. They worshipped gods other than the one true God. The Philistines, the Amalakites, the Moabites and all the other “ites” were people created by God but motivated to fulfill the purposes of Satan against Israel. Generation after generation, every enemy was after the same things.

Here are the five common motives for their attacks on Israel:
1. Land,
2. Destiny,
3. Generational Covenant,
4. Worship,
5. Harvest. Continue reading

Foundations and Generations

Today I want to repost an article I wrote some years ago thinking about it because of the birth of my youngest grandson Elijah Jael! 

Elijah, generations, hearts,  fathers and sons….

Isaiah 58:12 And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.

There is always this rushing into the new, as a new generation is so tired of what their ‘father’ has left and I can understand it! I have done it and made so many mistakes, as I thought I could do it different, better, more up-to-date. I toke this attitude into my christianity and build and rebuild, without proper foundations and plans. I have learned from it as God taught me over the years that only reconnecting to ‘the foundations of many generations’ will make my effort fruitful.

For many years I had the above verse as a promise ones spoken by a prophet to me and my wife and only after years of misunderstanding, working on the wrong end, taught me that rebuilding is a generational thing. Honoring the forefathers and all their labor, studying the ‘original’ plans, looking at what it became, gave me the insight that it is all about raising up the foundations of many generations. There is a they and there is a thou in the verse and it all refer to the generations, the they that shall be of thee! Than it brings me to this very important verse in Malachi 4:5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. 6 And he will turn The hearts of the fathers to the children, And the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.

So, if change and renewal disconnect me from the generations, I must search my heart and reconsider my motives. With care and love, Holy Spirit taught us the beauty of His plans for mankind. All the way from the Garden of Eden, through the stubbornness of mankind, via kings and prophets, creating a people of His own, God brought us back to the original plan.

As much as we tend to start over and do the same thing again, building our own towers and choosing our own kings, there is a blueprint of Gods Kingdom and there is an invitation to build with Him!

It is a really great thing, as we raise up again the foundations of generations here in Sweden. It is a blessing to see the reactions of the ones who are willing to work together and have an open mind to what’s coming. It is an intense, but thankful mission and although we know it is not something of one season, I know the promise of God is there that we will finish it and see the result. It is laying the foundations for the next generation and I am honored by the fact that they will walk in the lineage of the Kingdom!

But God meant it for good

Genesis 50:20 “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.”

It are those precious moments where you sit with your oldest grandson, able to share parts of the journey we made with God. The great thing of it is, that when they (the grandchildren) get older, the story can become a bit more detailed, all with the purpose of building His honor. I still see his silent, interested eyes with a glimpse of understanding mixed with the questions that are of course there too! In a way a was moved by his silent almost invisible reaction!

My grandchildren are growing up in a safe and secure environment of family, wholeness, completeness and without lack! No lack of love, heart, listening ears and receiving hearts. Parents who are willing to learn and in that way increasing the spiritual atmosphere. Surrounded by the Word and the Worship, they are getting used to the Source of our life! Some years ago we moved to the nation of Sweden, four growing families, as over the period of some years we landed in this tiny insignificant village on the side of this beautiful large lake. Encouraged by friends, we laid an altar on our property, a pile of rocks, gathered by each one of the family, about fifteen stones at that time, just as a proclamation of landing and settling. A kind of memorial stones as in the Old Testament, the Lord suggested it in order to remind ourselves of God’s guidance and also to use it as a teaching moment for the generations to come! Joshua 4:6 Let this be a sign among you, so that when your children ask later, saying, ‘What do these stones mean to you?’ 7 then you shall say to them…

So, the other day we (my grandson and me) had such a moment,  and through it I realised again, how great and faithful my God is. How blessed His ways are and how precious and detailed His guidance has been!

…but God meant it for good, in order to bring about…

As I was able to explain a little part of the “you meant evil against me”, the most beautiful thing is that it even makes more sense to them that God can work out the things for the good and even beyond that, …to save many people alive!

When pain is brought into a bigger perspective, life itself start revealing it’s beauty in a godly way and that is the most important purpose of those memorial stones!

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The Synergy of the Generations

If the Church hopes to be relevant and meet the needs of the twenty-first century and beyond, it must be willing to undergo a paradigm shift. The Elijah to Elisha Revolution confronts the status quo by challenging the Church to reexamine many of its assumptions. One of these assumptions is what could be called the “quick escape mentality.” Continue reading

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Leading them out…

About Moses and Egypt,
About Joshua and Promised Land,
About perception of time, place and vision,
About the lack of identity and dreams. Continue reading

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expectation |ɛkspɛkˈteɪʃ(ə)n|: a strong belief that something will happen or be the case: reality had not lived up to expectations | [ mass noun ] :  I sat down in expectation of a feast of nostalgia.• a belief that someone will or should achieve something: students had high expectations for their future.• (expectationsarchaic one’s prospects of inheritance.


Waiting for something to happen or someone to come! That is what I read on the face of this beautiful little (grand)child! Her name is Selah and she lives a life full of expecting, always eager to meet, to smile, to huge when someone enters the door or to get her coat when someone (her grandfather) leaves!

I was thinking of the verse: Romans 8:19-21
For the creation eagerly waits with anticipation for God’s sons to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to futility—not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it—in the hope that the creation itself will also be set free from the bondage of corruption into the glorious freedom of God’s children.

The verse above says CREATION as it is build in Gods creation to expect, to eagerly wait for the fulfilment of its destiny! That is what I see in the still so pure and simple heart of this child and that is what I ask daily to be of childlike innocence! You can see this look all over when you take the time to observe, to receive the innocence of those children. In the same time you can recognise the pain and rejection when the expectation is not noticed or met!

anticipation |antɪsɪˈpeɪʃ(ə)nnoun [ mass noun ] the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction: her eyes sparkled with anticipation | they manned the telephones in anticipation ofa flood of calls.• Music the introduction in a composition of part of a chord which is about to follow in full.

For today I pray:
Father, remove every concept, every mindset, every thought that keeps me from exception without imagining (creating a carved image) so I will always be surprised by the things You will do today! Help me to see, recognise and meet the expectation of the ‘children’ and be Your Presence of confirmation to the identity of the innocence!

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A Generational Faith

What’s on in Sweden

Every time I see this header showing up in The Local – (Sweden’s News in English), I wonder if the people really know what is on in Sweden.
Last weekend, my daughter had this Skype conversation with her friend, who is attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding USA. During their conversation she (the girl from BSSM) reported this great thing that since this year, the attitude of the Swedish students changed so radically from coming for their own blessing into being prepared and trained with a passion for the nation of Sweden. More than 40 young people, getting together every week and passionately praying for the salvation of Sweden. Continue reading

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Empowering the Next Generation

This is why I focus, why I speak, why I write, why I have challenged and why I believe you have to do it too!

“The coming generation in the Kingdom is awesome! But they have to learn and connect with the former if they shall reach their full potential.” A quote that I picked from someone I follow on twitter. My reaction-tweer was: “Yes, the coming generation in the Kingdom is awesome! So lets connect with them and guide them into their full potential!

So let US connect with them and let us take all the effort it needs to guide them, to serve them without being stupid in taking a standpoint of level. I know the guy who wrote the tweet and I know there is no way he meant the negative part, but it stirred up something in my spirit as it reflects the reaction I see around me!

Last weekend I lost a key from the house of our daughter. It is a rented place which means that the whole lock needed to be replaced when they move again. A lot of money…
My wife and I took the time to think, rethink, seek, look and look again. All the places where we thought it could be and no result. In a way a little stressing, even “knowing” that He is in control. On a morning we felt an urge to pray again to find it and my wife stated: Father we need this key as it stands for the doors that needs to be opened concerning the struggle in the young families. Please gives us a visible answer so we know you will give us the “keys” to this family and loneliness problem.
We found the key just an hour later and with it we received the promise of Wisdom! Praise God!

This morning, while being in the prayer room the urge of knowing the solutions for an arising generation came up so strongly as we are with a lot of grandchildren around us. As we stood there we begged the Lord for wisdom, resources, strength and unity in dealing with the challenge. I know we are hitting the target and I know, wisdom and resources and provision will flow to the places of “need”, to the people of purpose and to the generation that cries out!

In many areas God is building a strong and generational work in the hearts of the people and with it God is filling the Storehouses in the years to follow. I hope you connect with us in every way to spend time, effort and money in it!



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Culture of honor

This morning I want to share a wonderful writing from the blog of my children. As their whole blog reflects an intense and dedicated journey in their spiritual life, it proofs the fact that seeking His heart is the guaranty of a fast work promised in Amos 9:13 Hear this! The days are coming– this is the LORD’s declaration– when the plowman will overtake the reaper and the one who treads grapes, the sower of seed. The mountains will drip with sweet wine, and all the hills will flow with it.!


Culture of honor

Sometimes we need to just pause for second, close our eyes and try to become the person we read about. Imagine going from being a normal working young adult, to being contacted by one of the highest authorities in the land that tells you that you will become king, than being contacted by the king himself and serve him as a friend, then becoming the one that goes out in the name of the king, to then all of a sudden being cast out by the same king, being hunted by every police officer in the country and having a death penalty on your head… How would your feelings toward this king be? What words would you treasure in your heart towards him? How would you react when he stood before you?

This story is exactly what happened to David. He went from shepherd to anointed one, from servant of the king to commander over his armies, and than being nearly killed by a spear and hunted for the next years by the same king. He lost everything he had, lived in caves, had to flee, left behind his best friend and everyone that helped him seemed to get killed by Saul (1 Samuel 22:6-23).

So why all this story, and what has it to do with honor? I have heard a few explanations of what honor is. One of my favorites is: “Honor is loving someone for who he is, without stumbling about who he is not”It means looking at what is, and not what is not, the good and not the bad, the potential and not the failure. I think David takes this to the highest level.

While hunting David, Saul takes a break to ‘do his need’ in a cave. Unknowingly and without any security around him, he walks right into the cave were David and his men are hiding in. It seems as the perfect moment for David to go for revenge and take the life of Saul. He knew he was in his right, he knew the kingdom would become his, and he could have ended his life as a fugitive right there. So why not? His friend even encourages him, saying: Then the man of David said to him, “this is the day of which the Lord said to you, ‘Behold, I will deliver your enemy into your hand, that you may do to him as it seems good to you’… (1 Samuel 24:4).

But than the true meaning of a lifestyle and the foundation of a culture of honor is displayed by David, as he answers his friend and says: …The Lord forbid that I should do this to my master, the Lord’s anointed, to put my hand out against him, when he is the anointed of the Lord… (1 Samuel 24:6).

No ‘claiming rights’, no anger, no self-righteousness, no good and bad, none of all these things… No, David’s choice is Honor. I believe there a a few things about David that made him so highly favored with God as he was, and among these few things are A heart of worship’, ‘ A heart of repentance’ and ‘A lifestyle of honor’.

Later on in the story we read how David spares Saul a second time and how he blesses and honor those who took care of Saul after his death. Also David is very clear in his dealings toward dishonor, as he kills the man that killed Saul and later one writes When one told me, Behold, Saul is dead, thinking he was bringing good news, I seized and slew him in Ziklag who expected me to give him a reward for his news… (2 Samuel 4:10).

Today I came home very tired and went through a lot of mourning in my heart about the status of so many of the children I work with. I got so confronted with the culture of the children, their ways and how far of they are from a pure and honorable life with God, that in the car I just cried out to God. I understood better the words of Jaye Thomas his song, when he sings: How long, till you come, to Jerusalem… I just want to see the restoration of family and this generation, to see his ways coming to earth and the lies of Satan broken. One way we will hasten this process is to once again build a culture of honor. In 2 Samuel 1:17–27 we read that David instructs all the people to teach their children the ‘Song of the bow’. The song is a song of honor to Saul and his son Jonathan. And this is what we ones again have to do, to teach our children songs of honor, and built a lifestyle of honor back in the generation.


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Restoration of family…


The restoration of the family, is connected to the restoration in church and so to the society.

Lord heal the gap between the generations here in Sweden. Let hearts turn to each others. Seeing Jesus in each other! Seeing beyond age!

I am quoting Emma Luiga from Stockholm through her twitter account and I hope she will allow me (since of course twitter is an open platform). They stood out those two tweets, each with their own message and in the same time connected to the bones!

Just lately an other big church moved to Stockholm, mainly known as a youth church. Wonderful church, strong message, great worship and many, many young people! Stockholm is big enough for 10 of those initiatives as there is a hunger for vibrant fellowship in the young christian society. For many young people it is a “starting over” as the gap of generations and lack of fatherhood forced them to move on an renew the generational blessings. I have encouraged people around me to move on and take a stand for the following generations.

There is only one cry in my heart as Emma resounded the cry of Gods heart: Restoration of family!

Over the years we have seen the same movements, mostly starting to be visible in the early 60ties by phenomena like the Hippie Culture as of course the generational tension in not a new thing. I still see the despair of parents, loosing their children as in the same time, the “freedom” brought by this movement attracted a generation that eventually broke out into lawlessness! They wanted the new and with it forgot the foundation of older generations.

Breaking loose, moving on, all explainable actions as there was such a gap between the hardworking, producing parents and the desperate almost fatherless generation. Of course, this was not the only reason of the crack as double agendas fueled the movement.

Today we are approaching a new and wonderful challenge to go for the new by returning to each other. While young people, with a strong longing, fill (again) the big buildings and sing (again) their favorite songs, there is more needed as it is just a repetition of the former things only with an other sound and another color.

The real challenge is to reconnect, to restore the family identity and to go for the fullness!

I have been in many renewal initiatives, I have seen the people ready to cross over and than I have seen those who have been left behind in the desert. A separation that only reveal the real separation namely that of the hearts! As a result of the mindset of the 60ties, families have been broken up, people longed for the new only finding out that the new was just outwardly and came with a tremendous cost!

The Livingroom

Yesterday I was watching GodTV as there is a REVIVAL ALERT this week. The statement made struck me in my spirit as Rory declared that the coming revival will be a family revival, a livingroom revival. That it may turn into gathering in the “building”, that is only a result and not a goal. The heart of God today is about The family, the living cell of breathing life in a relational, connected structure!

After all those years, God brought us as a family together to the nation of Sweden, with the promise of using us in the tool we had in our hand. Not a big ministry, not a new church but family in a nation which mindset, laws and structure are violant to the godly structure of family!

Today we hear Gods voice as we even ourself struggle to find a way in this calling, but His voice is clear and strong: I Will Restore The Heart Of This Nation by giving it a Family Heart again! Just prepare the vessels as I will pour out My Spirit!

Prepare the vessels, do what your hand finds to do. We can not return the hearts, but we can build our houses, fuel our skills, invest our time. We call it Preparing the StoreHouse!

Prepare your storehouse, reconnect with the fathers (and mothers), seek your family line and connect with the generational blessings (treasures). Dig into your history, tell your children about the roots, reveal Gods work in the way He was faithful.

See beyond age!