Sounds, songs and frequencies


Listening to the new sounds that are set free these days by amazing young people that don’t give a …..(!) about the sounds of this world but are only influenced and therefor set free by the Sound of Heaven, makes me write my second blog today! Please try to catch up with me because there is a truth to be set free!

There is a generation that understands that a sound, a frequency is to be set free. They need to release this song(s) that bursts out of there inner being before they fall in the danger of “connecting again with the status quo”! Songs that are a result of there connection with the purposed time and the purposed place through the Impartation of Holy Spirit! It is the seed that has been set in the wombs of this generation, wombs that receive, that refuse to abort, that gladly bring forth and take care of a sound that is maturing and growing!

We have to go beyond the discussion of songs and just step back and let God be God through the lungs, the hands, the mouths of the troubadours of New! This is not trendy, not timely, but an eternal sound that is so meant to be and meant to be released!

Never forget that this generation is the survival of the demonic selfish mindsets of abortion and therefor being saved and set apart to sing on behalf of the millions of them that died premature! They are the reflection of those that died even after surviving these attacks in the religious structures we created where we killed their spiritual identity by demanding them to submit to our dying structures!

I, as a father, humbly confess the short falling of my generation of fathers and take, on behalf of them, responsibly to to give the the platform they don’t even want! They are the living-room, the prayer-room, the worship-room, the campfire generation that don’t need the announcements, the posters, the billboards, but just DO!

I love this year of activation, the year 2013!

Sons and daughters, Will Reagan and United Pursuit, Rend Collective Experience, Jesus Culture… Timotheos and so much more unknown sounds, songs and frequencies!

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