It’s a Process




Put away from you a deceitful mouth and put devious speech far from you!

It is… just a process. You have to live with that understanding: Life on earth is a process! We are surrounded by the proof as we even ourself do the process everyday! Cooking, preparing, building, growing, sowing, seasons, discipling… all we see is the process of life!

God just restricted our life to the process and helped us never to “step into conclusions” that limit the deep and intense work of life!

Lineage, generational summing of the names in the bible, the parts that we so easily skip in our readings are the most important proof of the process! There is Rachel, Tamara, David, the names with the limitation and still the purpose. They are the proof of a long process through the generations for Him to make a way for the birth of The Son! The precise work of creation, of returning, of redemption!

Why bringing it up?

If we would be fully in charge of life, we would have skipped those beautiful processes because we still eat from the tree of knowledge “good and evil”! We judge, at least we tend to judge. We think it is about the right answers, the right choices, the absolute truth and over time I have learned that we don’t understand life at all!

Just a little example of how this works!

Since 1995, my wife and I have been following, closely, the beautiful process of God performing the miracle of God TV. These two wonderful people, Rory and Wendy Alec, who were carrying this vision and with it challenged self, church and “reality”! We felt so close, as much as we cherished the messages, mostly we loved the road they traveled, the steps they made and the risks that came with it! Obedience, vulnerable walk, exposed to the full but focused never the less!

So there were the people, watching the programs and (yes, really) judging the “truth”! Old religious messages were there too and so, the church did what they can do best: They judge what they “see”! They review the now and lack the prophetic view of tomorrow. Slowly, with intense wisdom and amazing strategy, God build a network and slowly, over the years it became His network as the time was ripe to reveal the real message! Trust is an essential ingredient in the way He works, while we don’t see, don’t understand and still eat from the tree!

If we would have been in charge, Rachel was skipped, David was removed from the throne, Tamara would not be mentioned and God TV would not exist today as a visible proof of His Grace!

Again, what is the big essential ingredient… TRUST, and trust we only build through relationship, throuigh believing in the process of life, of someones life or of something (organizational) carrying life!

The potential is not the destiny! The potential is what it is… Potential! Destiny is about walking the way of the process. Mixing the ingredients, allowing the not so nice things to be part of life (theirs and yours) and with it trust that through the snow, the winter, the storm, the rain and even the tornados, something beautiful will be the outcome! And even if it would seem to die, as the cross was so hard to observe, there is a day of resurrection and a taking place on the Throne. There is a ruling and reigning with Him and a “Behold I will make all things new”!

Father God has started a wonderful new thing here in our midst, here in Sweden and in the church and the only way we can prevent ourself from spoiling the outcome is TRUSTING THE PROCESS!

“Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it [flow] the springs of life. Put away from you a deceitful mouth and put devious speech far from you”…. Proverbs 4:23-24 NASB

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