Sunday School

What can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour once a week, and teaching only afraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?

It hit me hard, reading this essential truth, as it reflects perfectly my biggest concern these days according to the way we think we can do church! Just this week, addressing some serious issues in our church, people think it is about critic, negativity or even anti-church, but trust me, it is not. It is my cry to a people called to be the salt in a total polluted world. Salt that has lost its strength through the thinking that we can randomly change the heart of some with our voluntarily programs and our showing up every now and then we feel to!

The effort around us is a non-stop, aggresivly, pushing of the agenda of the anti-christ.

But so far for the scary and “negative” news!

The good news
Thanks to the worldly system that took and the prophetic voices that make parents, christians, aware of their vacum, their hunger, their emptyness, their love for the young generation, there is a rising amount of remnant that no longer keep silent and step up and speak. With the understanding of a violent environment, we call it what it is and we are aware of the fact that it needs a different approach, knowing that we will “hurt” the ignorant!

Yes there is a lot happening, there is healing and prophecy. There is potential and understanding of “the new”, but the difference is that we need to analyze where we are and what we need. If we don’t want to change our venue”, if we think that the way we did it all the time will do it in the time ahead we will lose it. If we think that the 1-hour-a-week can solve the problem, while the full-stop agenda of the humanistic system, backed up by the law is teaching them the truth, we are ignorant and inresponsible.

What them?
Our houses, our children, our influence is the only real solution. Being parents, being father and mother, being the salt to their life and in that being the only trustable source for your children!

This week I was with this dear brother, taking the guts to step out the sytem, to, for now, take the responsibility and have their worship time in the house and reading the word, sharing the Life. A father, a mother and three wonderful pure hearts of their children, making a journey surrounded by worry hearts, opposing opinions and accusing voices.
I specifically say: for now, because of course we need community, we need the fellowship of the brothers and sisters, we need the voice of “the church” and its teachers, prophets and apostles. For now, because the environment is not save, not bible prove, not ‘Life secure’ and than there is the need of a interim solution.
While we think “it will come” we wait and with it, this wonderful generation lacks the Word. While we take the effort to teach the christians who are supposed to be teachers by now, but still need the milk, we neglect the need of this arising generation.

Watching the beauty of a mother, breastfeeding her little one, I watch the closeness of mother and child and the satisfactory sound of the little one, drinking in the arms of safety. So natural, so obvious and in the same time so intense as it takes so much of the mother.
Bottles are so much easier… It can even be done by someone else! See? Got it?

I love the reports of the parents, hearing about them sitting with the Word, singing the songs, praying for each other and it are those reports that give me hope. Not the conferences, not the healing reports, not even the prophecies of our precious Danish brother Jens Garnfeldt who travels our nation now a days with some amazing words. Nothing wrong about it, but don’t be fooled by sitting and listening. It is about arising and doing, taking the battle back and restoring the authority in the house!

Dear friends, do not stumble on my words but get to the heart and leave the optional. I read the turmoil about words on the twitter: apostolic, prophetic, yes, no, warning… It hear the mind and miss the (father)heart. When there is heart there will be answers, real answers!

So, how about the one hour on Sunday-morning?


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