By Brian Francis Hume

AN UNPRECEDENTED HARVEST is coming. This has been prophesied for years, even decades. Many have seen this. I’m going to refrain from throwing out numbers. But I do want to affirm the deep longing of the Father’s heart: An inkling of the coming harvest is indeed upon us now!And it is going to start in barns. Indeed, humble dwellings. It will be a revival unto the harvest.

In ancient biblical times, barns were used to store the harvest. In pre-Roman times, barns were storehouses that were underground in caves, cisterns, or holes that were covered to ensure protection from the elements. The goal was to shelter the harvested goods from inclement weather and other dangers could cause damage.

Now let’s fast forward to the modern times. Going back a few hundred years, community events known as barn-raising were the norm. Communities banded together to either build a barn from the ground up or help rebuild a fallen barn in disarray. Oftentimes the survival of a farming family depended on the generosity of their fellow neighbors within the community. This custom became quite the norm.

Likewise we have stepped into a season where there are many barn-raising of newly built barns; but also those to salvage barns on the brink of ruin—perhaps more aptly stated as a barn-raising from the dead! These barns certainly have seen better days. Their tired bones groan under the weight of rotting wood that’s fallen into disrepair, but the Lord is restoring such old barns that will be used as hubs of revival for the days ahead.

This is a key we must grasp right now: That which gives us a glimpse into our past history is but a foreshadowing of what will transpire in the days ahead.

What is happening across this nation as believers band together in the bond of Christ’s love to raise up barns will foreshadow what the Holy Spirit desires to orchestrate in every community across the United States (and abroad). Sons and daughters of the Lord of lords working hand-in-hand, compelled by love, to see the harvest harvested for the fame of the King of kings!

Even right now the Holy Spirit is orchestrating many “behind the scene activities that will lead to miraculous barn-raising events throughout the U.S. Many will transpire prior to the coming decade of the 2020’s. I’ve been carrying this word since the spring of 2016, waiting to release it publicly. At that time I clearly saw a three year window from 2017-2020 with the Father’s grace extended to those who have dreamed such dreams of raising up a barn on the verge of ruins. This could be a call to salvage material from a barn built centuries before to be rebuilt on land that the Lord has given to you. Or perhaps you are called to build a new barn from scratch.

Is there an old family barn that you have heard about that is no longer standing, but your heart flutters every time you viewed such old photos from the past? Perhaps you have a barn still standing, but in need of ample work; yet as you prayer walk the property, your heart is deeply stirred to see it restored as a storehouse for the coming harvest. Maybe your eyes are drawn to a large barn that you see in the distance as you drive by it and all you can do is simply pray, Lord, that barn belongs to you … let it become a hub of the coming barn revival!

I have only shared this word with a few, but I’m amazed how many have also seen and felt similar things.

Still others drive by barns with an irresistible drawing that intensifies unabated over time. Thus, the question percolates within, “Why am I so drawn to barns?” Or maybe it was a picture of a barn that spiked your heartbeat as you daydreamed the dreams of the Father’s heart: a lowly barn hosting Holy Spirit meetings where scores of unbelievers cry out like the jailer of Acts 16:30: Sirs, what must I do to be saved? Others still have had vivid prophetic dreams and visions in the night with revival breaking out in barns across this nation.

Could it be the Lord to orchestrate such a barn-raising in the “highways and byways” (Matt. 22:9) as a sign of the coming harvest?

That moment is upon us. Right now. Not tomorrow. Not next year—right now! Now is the time to prepare for the coming harvest. Jesus spoke pertinent words for us at this juncture: Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, then comes the harvest’? Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest” (John 4:35). We are in the initial trickle of this unprecedented harvest; therefore, we must prepare now to reap even a greater harvest in the days to come.

We are already halfway into this three year window of extended grace to raise up barns across this nation (and beyond). All of this is from the Lord as He prepares His people for a barn-raising in this hour that will precede an unprecedented move of His Spirit.

What is your story? What is the Father nudging you to pursue in preparation to reap this unprecedented harvest? Though these barns have presently seen better days—their best days are ahead as you obey the the Father’s call to restore these barns as hubs for revival unto harvest!

Oh yes, we have a story…. But that’s for later!
Rob van’t Wout

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