It’s about Time…

It had this heavy expectation when I wrote the words yesterday: Tomorrow I will Write. The funny part is that it can be there for days without writing and still carry the same promise: Tomorrow I will…

The past days I have been talking and thinking out loud with different people about the least understood issue: Time! We so good understand God’s Love and His Grace, but His Timing is so hard to get hold on. The misunderstandings of words like the “Behold I will come soon” are sometimes so frustrating and with it the ‘waiting on the Lord’ has been the subject of confusion.

The journeys we took with our kids when they were still so young always were accompanied with the question: Are we almost there? as it was so easy to give them the: Soon!, knowing that the question will repeat it self in the coming moments over and over! Aren’t we the same, living in this limitation of time where our whole attitude is about the now and the soon and the ‘too long’! We push buttons, our inventions are about speed, availability and now. Computers, cars, phones, better, faster and more.

So, there is the Eternal One, the Was and Is and Is to come! The Alpha and Omega, the Everlasting, the One who is beyond time, beyond limitation. The One who created time, just for us! Why? I still have not figured it out, but it obviously has to be about Love!

And there is mankind, dwelling in pride and disobedience, trying to figure out time and space and substance. Measuring the times that did not exist with the limitation set by Him who create time, day and night! As we are divinely placed in the 24/7 cycle, we take our observations of time and measure the millions and find fault in Creation!

But, as christians we are not different. We read the Word, we hear the prophetic proclamations over our life and… we ask the kids question over and over: Are we almost there?  and the Lord will answer over and over: Soon!

Well, mostly I want to say that Time and Trust need to go hand in hand. Trusting Him in His timing and mainly trusting Him in setting the condition of Time. Sowing and reaping has everything to do with understanding Time!

Isn’t it great that after the questions of the children, when the journey was a very long one, there came this moment that they felt asleep and them waking up when we arrived, you figured out that it did not made sense to give them the: Soon, since they are there now! They traveled in time while resting!

There is an enormous secret in disconnecting everything you are from the limitations of time. Approaching the eternal and everlasting God has to be without time. There were so many moments in my life where God proved Himself beyond time and where the promises He gave were about the “was and is and is to come”! Rereading the promises and reading the Word from this perspective, delivered from the time issue, is about a God who promised Abraham a nation and just gave him the son.

Reading the Word from an eternal perspective is so liberating and letting God be (the eternal) God is a statement of trust and faith and humbleness! Seeing beyond time, is seeing Him, seeing future, prophetic perspective where there is a NEW REALITY!

I will write again tomorrow!

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